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Some ground rules about our co op sessions.

  1. Don't be an idiot. If you think it's something stupid or idiotic, don't do it. You will be warned!
  2. Don't talk unless you're ingame with TFR activated. This will broadcast your message to 30 different people while many things are going on. Only announcements by admins or mods are allowed to do this. TFR and Teamspeak is required.
  3. Do not pull a vehicle without the OK unless its non op hours.
  4. Stick to your Fire Team Leader or Squad Leader unless told otherwise.
  5. Stick to loadout rules. IE: Do not put a LMG on while wearing a SMAW.
  6. Stick to Uniform rules. IE: Do not put on snow camo on a desert map.
  7. Do not fire or test fire the weapon at spawn without the OK from an admin or mod.
  8. Do not friendly fire intentionally.
  9. Follow scenario parameters.
  10. Don't spend more than 10 minutes into an op on your loadout.
  11. You're required to either attend a basic SOP or approved to play.

Anyway, if rules are to be added. We will notify everyone!

You can introduce yourself here if you're new to the VG.

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Don't have much to say lol 

    Name is Colby InGame Name is Cpt.Colby i've been playing arma since arma 2 and arma 2 oa, Just here to enjoy the game with abunch of friends and have a great time i gotta get used to ACE again but thats alright shouldnt be a problem lol. Was in 77th jsoc back in the day but thats pretty much it :)

      Anything else you want to know about me feel free to message me :).

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My name is Dingesskahn, you all probably know me.


I stay fairly up to date on older 90's porn stars and what their doing with their lives currently.

I've put 1800 hours into arma 3 and have been playing with VG since 1971. I try to stay informed on most methods used in the game in different roles. I'll be the first to tell you that there's alot I don't know but if you have questions in game feel free to hit me up.

I'm from West Virginia.


Btw Asia Carerra is a stay at home mom that wears colanders on her head for kicks.

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My name is Hayden Lewis and I like Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets.


I am the best shotgun player to ever join the game of ARMA.

I have like 4 hours in all 3 ARMA's Combined and I've been playing Video Games since I was 11

I'm from Kansas 


btw anarchy can't hit shit without his first 11 bullets


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Deadpoetic6 here,

32 years old french canadian from Quebec city

I played a shitload of Operation Flashpoint 1, then Arma, Arma2 and now Arma3. Im not new to the arma serie, but totally new to CBA, ACE and all these more "milsim" mods, so I may look like an idiot not knowing what to do sometimes...or often. I don't know most of the tactical term used and all that, looking forward to learn! 

When i'm not in Arma, i'm usually in DCS World, flying my good old F-5, Viggen or KA-50

Also, I speak french so my spoken english really suck, please bear with me! :)



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- Rolled with VG since PS2.(Hellhounds)

- Played arma 2 & 3 for hundreds of hours. (mostly arma3, lotsa DayZ though, as well.)

- Mostly played with JSOC(eu)

- When idle chatter on radio gets obnoxious I tend to tune it out altogether.

- Canadian.

 - old.

 - down with O.P.P.


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-Been with VG since PS2 (Hellhounds/Mammoths/Orca)

-Played a lot of dayz and Arma 3 with most of my early gaming being in Ghost recon/Typhoon rising/Black hawk down

-from Corny Indiana

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Love here, most of you know me, some of you don't.

Joined VG I think 3 weeks or so ago, was invited by Vaeldoom.

Been playing Arma type games since the dawn of Operation FP, and arma 2 and Blackhawk down during the Novalogic and Novaworld Days.

I am 23 years old, a Union Carpenter apprentice.

Based out of Northern Idaho, my real name is John. Call me Love. Just do it.

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Yo..FrOzT here, new to this comunity, but not new to arma milsim, played a few games with you guys and already liking the mood and pace, and looking forward to many more fun ops with you lads! :)

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By now, the combat missions I've flown are legend of the battlefield, with over 12,000 flight hours and at least ten tacticool cqb knife kills on CoD, I am the unstoppable warrior; the one who not only knocks, but knocks hard, and annoyingly - like the guy with an attitude who delivers your fast food and hates his life. Thinking forever of the lone sorrow contained by one man, stuck in a dead-end job as a Pizza delivery man. "Will Barbara leave me?," "Will she take the kids!?," Why am I going bald!?"

Of course, what I just made you read is complete and utter horseshit.

Hello, is it me you're looking for? 

My name is MrSixFour, friends call me 'Six,' 'SixFour,' 'PapaJay,' 'the big wheeler,' and many, many more. 

I enjoy long walks on the beach etc etc.

Silliness aside, I've been invested in the ArmA series since I was a kid and started playing back in 2001 with the PC release of Operation flashpoint. Through maybe the past 6 or so years is really when I started honing my ArmA skills. 

My skillset includes:

- Aviator [Flight Sims/ArmA 3]

- Leading a team, through good or bad and efficiently [Aviation/Combat]

- Ground combat (specializing in small, effective teams i.e. 'SpecOps,' Recon, Intelligence gathering) - Getting in without the fuss of a full platoon is sometimes a better option. 

- Tactician/Strategist

- Easy to get on with

Been in and out of ArmA communities for a few years now and trying to find one with the middleground of not being serious Milsim, and being laid back but not full of trolls. Spoke to a lot of the people here, seem like cool guys and I seem to get on with everyone I have met so far. Look forward to getting you guys in and out of your ops!

I realise I've gone on a bit so, yeah... Sorry about that. 

Still read it though, didn't you? ;) 

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. - 
Sun Tzu [The Art of War]

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Hey All.


My name is Andrii, in-game name is Hapanat. I am master noob warrior. I played a lot of original Operation Flashpoint and other FPS (BF, CS etc)


My skillset includes: shooting stuff, blowing stuff up, driving land motor vehicles. deadly wits, eastern european accent


Would be thankful if you could point me to instructor to complete course required for COOP

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I am Specialist J. Barrett (AKA Puckvirus121).

I severed in the United States Army Reserves as a Cargo Specialist (88H). I served for 6 years, no I have not been over seas. 
I have spent a few hours in other Casual Realistic Servers on arma. I do not have a issue being a Team Leader or even a Squad leader so long as I am not being expected of too much :D . I have very many hours logged on Battlefield 2,3, and 4. I am a active player on Rainbow six Siege.

I am very confident in my ability to fly an assortment of rotary craft. I hope to better improve my skill at piloting fixed wing aircraft.

I work the weekends on the grave shift but I will be available for what ever Monday-Wednesday.

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