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VG Fantasy Football League

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Idea just randomly popped into my head, not sure if anyone else is interested at all in football/fantasy football but I really enjoy playing with my friends and was thinking it might be cool to set up a VG league.

I would do 14 people max in a league, first come first serve basis, although if interest is above that it means there's close to enough to split into 2 smaller ones (I doubt that would be an issue lol), with league settings to be determined once a group was actually put together.


I don't care if you know nothing about football and you completely autodraft a team based on rankings, but you do have to try. Rules will be more clearly defined once a group is put together and will include the general obvious means for expulsion such as collusion, randomly dropping top players, throwing games, and the general fuckery that ruins the fun for everyone.

By wanting to join you are also make a commitment to really take part, abandoning your team part way through the season will be grounds for expulsion. This doesn't mandate super serious play such as lots of waiver/free agency pickups, trades, and such, but if you can't commit 5 minutes a week during the football season to just make sure your lineup is ok don't even bother joining.


Depending on how much interest this gets now, I may repost the topic closer to the start of the next season when people may be more into it, I just thought of this now and wanted to not forget.

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