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  • Family and Character Name reservations early February

Cash Shop

  • Cash Shop details announced. See post for details.
  • Possible pay2win items moved to mileage shop
  • Mileage system will be improved

CBT Feedback

  • Leveling Curve
    • Experience from monsters will be adjusted
  • Group Play
    • Party Loot Bag will be re-implemented
  • Energy System
    • Energy exchange rate into potion might be adjusted for CBT2
  • Karma and PK
    • Possibly looking into ‘bounty hunter’ features (see details in post)
    • Join the PK discussion >>here<<
  • Player to Player Trade
    • Trading might be disabled for CBT2; discussion ongoing
  • Server Setup
    • No update
  • Learning Curve
    • Missing profession quest bug in CBT1 will be fixed for CBT2
    • Guides or channels towards guides will be offered


New Stuff!?

  • Localization
    • All regions will receive their English accentuation to emphasize their role and contribute to the environment and atmosphere of the game
  • Cinematic Intro
    • New cinematic intro in development; maybe available at launch!?
  • Castle Siege and Node Wars
    • Will be updated after ~4 weeks after launch
    • First test runs will be done on live service to fine-tune server settings

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Black Desert Online Second Closed Beta Date Revealed | Free Character Creator Out Now


Amsterdam, The Netherlands – January 19, 2016 / Daum Games today announced that Black Desert Online’s second and final Closed Beta Test will begin on February 18. Players who have pre-ordered the Explorer’s or Conqueror’s package will be automatically entered in the Beta, while others can apply for access in early February. More details about the second Closed Beta Test, including end date, improvements over the first Beta, and special events, will be revealed at a later stage.

Daum Games is also excited to reveal the standalone launch of the Black Desert Online Character Creator, the deepest customization tool of any game on the market. Let your imagination run wilder than ever before using the independent Character Creator, available today for free.

Download the Black Desert Online Character Creator here. Watch a new video showcasing the breadth of possibilities the Character Creator allows for at

Players will be able to import characters made in the Character Creator for use in both the full Black Desert Online game and the second Closed Beta Test beginning next month. Full instructions to use completed characters in Black Desert Online as well as special opportunities open to everyone who gets creative with the Character Creator can be found on the event page, accessible from the Character Creator client.

In addition, a PM diary containing updates about the cash shop, localization, and response to player feedback was published on Friday. Head to the Black Desert Online forums to get up to speed―and get a special sneak peek at new content.

Players can still place their pre-orders for one of three Black Desert Online packages, starting at $29.99 / €29.99 on the official website.

Download the Character Creator trailer here
Download the Character Creator tool here

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24 minutes ago, RadioActiveLobster said:

So I tried the character creator and all it does is crash on launch.


Looking good so far then.

Works Fine for me.



Also this guy thinks he found the release date:


So based off of information gathered from the recent Dev diary and contest announcement I have been able to figure out the release date of BDO
Check out the Terms and Conditions document that is posted on the Beauty and the Best Event Page
All Prizes will be distributed to the winners by [09.03.2016]. (03/09/2016) Daum Games Europe B.V. shall have no responsibility in the event the delivery of the prizes fails
Now take into account that the price everone gets for participating has these conditions.
7 Days Karlstein Costume
* Costume will expire after 7 days.
** Costume is only available for characters at launch.
And just to be clear they do Day Month Year you can check the document below.
Mind you that is a legal document typed up by lawyers
Take into account that you can participate in this contest without buying the game
Which places the LATEST the game will release on March, 5th 2016 given a 96 Hour Head start window for people that did in fact buy the game.
Now since they would both want a little leeway for people to decide if they want a game; and since march 5th falls on a Saturday we can safely assume that due to the developers preference of Thursday releases that the game will in fact be released on March the 3rd 2016
Which is exactly 2 weeks after the Closed beta. Assuming a one week closed beta that leaves one week for minor patches and stability fixes, which is on par with many other MMO releases in recent years
Therefore I rest my case that BDO will be released on March the 3rd 2016.
EDIT DUE TO RESPONSE: "The winners of the Beast and Beauty contest will be announced on the [18.02.2016] in our official forum under the event section."
That sentance is also in the legal document I linked. So you will still be able to receive your CBT2 Key before the cutoff date for the contest. My date stands.
EDIT MORE LEGAL JUMBO DUE TO RESPONSES: "If the delivery of a prize (for instance Pearls, in-game title or the 7 days Karlstein costume) requires a digital copy of Black Desert Online and/or an in-game character, it will only be transferred to participants and/or winners who own a digital copy of the game and/or have an in-game character on the day the prizes are shipped. If the participant and/or winner does not own a digital copy of the game on the day of delivery, the prize will be void and there will be no further delivery."

@CM_Jouska Am I 2 for 2?? I spotted your "Speculative" beta date.

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