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  1. Part 1 Decided to write up this summary of the current progress of this campaign, rough outlines and details and generally what it would entail. Please note that this campaign is a while away from completion, both in terms of design (first mission is "finished" however; just need to add some minor background assets such as intel, scripts etc) and how progress will work, as well as the fact that we have a WWII Campaign due to start after Australia (for more details on that please ask Proverbs, though he'll likely post them in the runup to it). Campaign Details: Working Title is "Tanoa: Ravages of the Plague" -Full background and "lore" will follow later. To summarise: -Takes place in an alternate universe, where the events of Arma 3 and Apex Protocol occurred but they happened in the 2020s (Campaign begins in 2028). Also events of Arma 2 and OA also happened. -After trying to rebuild their nation, since CSAT's attempts to destabilise them, Tanoa is struck down with virus known simply as La Peste Blanche or "The White Plague" in English. -The virus is believed to have orginated on Tanoa and quickly spreads, with outbreaks next occurring in Chernarus, then Esseker, Bystrica before spreading into the rest of Eastern Europe and Turkey -Symptoms include dizziness, nausea, hallucinations, partial breakdown of neural connections in the brain as well as severe and near total bleaching of infected's skin (Hence the Virus' namesake) -Lots of conflict, world crisis, Tanoa eventually breaks down, Syndikat re-emerges and other Nations such as Esseker start to collapse. -Campaign start with various characters (players) arriving on the South West island on Tanoa via various means (crashed plane, boat etc). They are scattered away each other and have different weaponry (and differing amounts). They need to make it to, what is believed to be, the last remaining safezone in the town of Katkoula. They will (hopefully) eventually meet up, undertake tasks necessary for survival and discover what happened on the island, nothing is what it seems, nothing is black and white and sinister conspiracies etc. Will post part two, detailing features of the campaign (rpg elements, weapons, general gameplay etc) here soon.