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    • IrishInsanity

      Validus Gamers Discord Server   01/24/17

      I've set up a Validus Gamers Discord server for a way for the community to chat anytime outside of games and teamspeak 3 via mobile device or the desktop app. The Teamspeak 3 is still our voice communication program of choice. Message me if you want the info to join.
    • Proverbs

      ArmA 3 WW2 Server   07/29/18

      WW2 Server is up and running. We'll be doing just a "testing" phase as we normally do from now to about the end of August until the official campaign is started for Italy. We'll be doing an italy invasion.

      Ops don't always run everyday. We'll prefer to keep it that way. Members may create ops but unless it has my stamp of approval, it is not official Validus. Don't let those reflect your experiences on our server. Please await for our official campaign announcement. Official ops time will be posted.

      If you'd like to help keep the server going, please donate to this paypal: [email protected]

      Your Neighborhood Asian

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  1. Here is what's happened in the past month, World of Warcraft - The Validus Gamers WoW guild is no longer raiding. Too many players left the game around thanksgiving break and put the guild in a hard state to recover from due to the sever's small population of Alliance players to recruit from. In the meantime Proverbs, Hungsolo and many others have merged into The Enclave's second raid to save, continue their progress and see the rest of WoW's content for the expansion. Triumphofman is the raid leader of the second raid. He's been old friend to our community since the old Planetside 2 days. ARMA 3 - Since WoW has died down a bit ARMA 3 has been spiking in popularity. Almost nightly there have been many impromptu Wasteland, King of the Hill and Co OP Sessions. You do not need mods to play these game modes so if your interested all you need to do is install ARMA 3 and be on teamspeak to play with us. For DLC, Apex is still at the regular price but you can grab the $10.00 DLC bundle off of G2A which has all the old DLC HERE. It's speculated that Apex could go on sale during the steam winter sale. Planetside 2 - Due to numerous requests to play Planetside 2 and Proverbs desire not to disappoint the community, Proverbs has scheduled three separate Planetside 2 Reunion days. You can find the times and dates for those on our website calendar as well as the steam group calendar.
  2. Guild Status, Guild Future and Goals Hey all, it's your boy, Proverbs... JK. I'm going to talk about guild status, future and updates for every guild member. Overall, I'm very happy and proud of our progress into Emerald Nightmare on Heroic. We're basically on the verge of completing our goal we had set out for ourselves on the first tier update. We will set out next tier content with a very similar goal. But I'd like to thank everyone for pushing into Legion as hard as they did. Whether you RBG, Raid or simply joined to be apart of our big family, I'm proud to have you here. With that being said, I'm sure a lot of you have started to question what is the next step. Heroic Team, Normal Team Non-Existent and... Introducing the Mythic Team. Normal Team - If you haven't noticed, the roster for the Normal Team has been scrapped. Our ability to overcome normal raid content with our heroic team will allow almost anyone to jump into normal raids with us, so long as they at least pull proper mechanics, their weight in dps/hps/tank and jump on teamspeak. This will allow people to bring in friends if they wish and push bosses into current raid tier. So I've decided to remove the entire idea of a Normal Team. Instead, the entire guild is the normal team. Heroic Team - The overall performance with the Heroic Team has surpassed expectations. Although we have a lot of heavy kinks to work out here and there. We need everyone to get even better for mythic. Heroic team will remain the same with slight roster changes and additions. This team will push Normal/Heroic at the same speed, if not, faster than Emerald Nightmare. We are going to cut back on a day or two for Heroic Raiding once we are able to full clear heroic EN in 1-2 days. What is going to happen? We are going to push Mythic+ in the mean time and take a day for the mythic team explained below. Mythic Team - So there has been talk about pushing into mythic. People ask, "Are we even mythic material?". Yes, we are. We have potential. But not everyone in the guild is mythic quality, at least maybe not yet. I see that we definitely have talent. If we polish our talent and either cultivate members to become mythic level raiders or recruit some, we can push 7/7 mythic before the next raid tier. I'd like this to be our NEW goal. So by removing a day of heroic raiding, we are going to be introducing a Mythic Team that will raid 2-3 times a week. The same rules from before will apply. Requirements will be posted for people to join. You can click here for the roster. Those who are on it are "pre-approved" based on heroic team performance. Schedule will be decided once a full mythic roster is decided. New Goal: 7/7 mythic by Trial of Valor release. Rated Battlegrounds Miss Luna, our organizer - is doing an awesome job with putting together a RBG team for us. I'd like to specially thank her for putting up with me and the headaches. She's working her butt off for our goal of 2k. This goal that we had agreed on is going to take longer than our pve goal. The 2k equivalent on a RBG team, is the equivalent of mythic clears. Everyone, remember to give her thanks and let her know, "You're doing well, keep going and strive harder." Performance - The RBG team was definitely off to a shakey start. But as I watched their games over Balzofsteel shoulder(I live with the guy), I noticed the improvements, the roster complications we encountered set them back but that didn't make them give up. They are starting to rise and overcome the initial hurdle, and that's what they need. The rating is climbing for the RBG team which I am fairly impressed with. They started with some losses but have started climbing the ladder. They need more able body RBG'ers. If you have any decent PvP experience, LET LUNA KNOW. Luna's Message(EDIT HERE) - Luna will edit a message here if she wants to! Guild Interaction/WPvP/Other Games I think we badly need more guild interaction between everyone. I'll start by making more WPvP and other games for us to play. Something that will allow everyone from our solo players who never interact, to the "I can't make raid times but I want to raid" players, to the PvPers, to the raid team. I want to unite us for WPvP days. So I hope I can bring in a once a week event for the guild to kind of just gather. Giving us a reason to fight as a whole guild. To meet one another more. So I'll be organizing more WPvP days. Hopefully this will build a better community within our guild. P.S. Thank you, everyone. For joining my guild and allowing me to lead you to our goals, welcome to the family. Live Forever. -Proverbs "Sorry we're new."
  3. Put items in guild bank. The guild needs to be stocked and ready for raiding. The bank is taking anything that can be used for raiding, from green items that can be disenchanted to crafted gear or raid flasks. With the new raid releasing next tuesday, players intending to participate in heroic raiding are expected to their item levels up to 840. Additionally it is expected that you watch videos of the fights to know them before hand as well have a good understanding of how to play your class and specialization correctly. Proverbs highly encourages you to check multiple sources, for example: Icy Viens, Noxxic MMO champion, official WoW forums and so on. Lastly if there is something you don't understand or need help with. Just ask. Currently there is a guild wide gear push going on until the raids release. Mythic dungeons will be run throughout the rest of the week to help get guild members geared up for raiding. The normal raid team roster is now open for sign ups. Minimum expected item level for eligibility is 830. (See this thread for more details) Proverbs will be hosting a Chris Metzen memorial service in Everspring by the lake later in the week. If you plan to attend please remove armor and weapons and wear a formal transmogrification. Thrall will be there. Further details will be posted by Proverbs. Weekly gold raffle. Each participant puts in 2k gold. No more no less. Winner is drawn through random number generator. Talk to @Nrin for more details.
  4. If you didn't know it already. Validus Gamers is in World of Warcraft: Legion! The guild is on the Bleeding Hollow server, the faction is the Alliance. The guild plans to do both PvE and PvP content. You can expect heroic raiding, rated battle grounds and, with a lot of world content, plenty of outdoor PvP. For raiding the intention is to eventually progress into mythic raiding if the guild does well enough. Talk to @Proverbs for additional information. For information about rated battlegrounds check our WoW sub forums for updates by @Misslunaa. Legion has a lot of content, from leveling your artifact to unlock unique class talents and perks, individual class specialization quests, profession quests, random world drop legendary items, world bosses, PvP only talents unlocked through kills with the ability to prestige for cosmetic rewards, mythic dungeons with mobs that have randomly generated attributes that change the way you have to run the dungeon every time, world quests, to world bosses that will be the cause of some big PvP fights. Simply put, this is not an expansion where you sit in town or at your garrison all day. It's really simple to get into World of Warcraft. If you buy World of Warcraft: Legion you get a free level 100 character boost that can be used on any character. If your indecisive you can trial classes that are level 100 and run the new tutorial that blizzard made to see what you like playing before you use your level 100 character boost. You do not need to own the previous expansions to play. Buying Legion gives you all the other expansions. World of Warcraft: Legion cost $49.99. You should also know that the Bleeding Hollow server is 69.9% Horde to 30% Alliance. We're outnumbered but that's never stopped us before. Reference: https://realmpop.com/us-bleeding-hollow.html