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    • IrishInsanity

      Validus Gamers Discord Server   01/24/17

      I've set up a Validus Gamers Discord server for a way for the community to chat anytime outside of games and teamspeak 3 via mobile device or the desktop app. The Teamspeak 3 is still our voice communication program of choice. Message me if you want the info to join.
    • Proverbs

      ArmA 3 WW2 Server   07/29/18

      WW2 Server is up and running. We'll be doing just a "testing" phase as we normally do from now to about the end of August until the official campaign is started for Italy. We'll be doing an italy invasion.

      Ops don't always run everyday. We'll prefer to keep it that way. Members may create ops but unless it has my stamp of approval, it is not official Validus. Don't let those reflect your experiences on our server. Please await for our official campaign announcement. Official ops time will be posted.

      If you'd like to help keep the server going, please donate to this paypal: [email protected]

      Your Neighborhood Asian

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  1. Hi it's me Nrin with a news update, Follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/Nrin2D Be sure comment like and subscribe for more exciting new old content from me, Nrin. -The ARMA III Server that was run by @Dingesskahn and @DervishStorm was shutdown due to inconsistencies. The server ran for a good 3ish months and we brought in a lot of new people into the teamspeak 3. For now a lot of people seem to be burnt on ARMA III, as we have played it on and off for years. -The Lineage 2 Guild run by @Proverbs was disbanded. The guild did claim a fort against a pay to win players during the first week of siege release. The second week our guild was crushed by a guild full of pay to win whales. In order to stay competitive we would have had to either work really hard or dropped a very large amount of money. Unfortunately neither was worth the one weekly night of fun that was the pvp fort sieges. - @Proverbs is continuing to work on his MMORPG game Astaria. For the most accurate update talk to him. - ShadowWhale109 and crew still do tank stuff in Planetside 2. Planetside 2 is slowly getting better and worse. They really nailed making better worses which sort of better but not really worse off because of how small the community has gotten which is probably more worse then better. What does the future hold for Validus Gamers? It's a Scooby Doo mystery, who knows where we'll end up next, when and who we will unmask for a Scooby Snack. There is an interest in Star Citizen but that game is still very far from a state where we could play it as a community and get entertainment out of it. Star Citizen is in alpha testing phase which means buggy and not yet optimized. In closing, this is Nrin reminding you this January to Michael down your Vincents.
  2. Hey all! It's yo boy, Proverbs. The new year has wrapped around fairly quick. We've seen 2016 with many different events and fun times. We've had ArmA 3, BDO, WoW and hints of Planetside 2 last year. Although both BDO and WoW has dropped our attention, ArmA 3 has continued to be something we won't ever stop playing since it's been apart of our community for years. Star Citizen But lets talk about 2017, there is a big title that we've been aiming to play since 3 years ago. That is Star Citizen. With big milestones by RSI, Star Citizen is seeing a potential Alpha and maybe even Beta this year. Maybe 2018 release date? Well with what is currently out, I want to have us jump on with who we have and finally make our Organization in SC, official. We need to identify what we want to do. We will finally have a get together to play the PU and Star Marine. This year, we're going to begin the formation of our Organization. We're going to start getting on the beta builds and fly around, get use to the combat and overall, dictate what we can accomplish realistically and set a goal for ourselves. Our mindset will take on a whole new way this time around. This is thousands of real USD's we're talking about. So our "casual yet serious" mindset needs to be reworked for Star Citizen. We will need to convert to a more serious mentality. We will be implementing OPSEC. I know in many games, OPSEC was not needed. But for Star Citizen, I believe we need a level of security to correctly identify who we should release information to on a need to know basis. We'll also be introducing an official "Rank" system. I know we've done away with it in the past but I want to start doing a rank system specifically for this game. Discuss? So lastly, our to do list for SC is to get our organization up and running this year! Get some play time in! And do a role call. ArmA 3 ArmA 3 released Apex earlier last year. It added in a really cool island to play on. The game has since then released a ton of mods, and game modes. I'm looking to finish our Campaign we started from last year, to start a WW2 one and to start a Halo one. So more to come off this! This will probably remain the primary game to play. Squad Although Squad isn't fully developed yet. I'd like to schedule weekly nights where we set up a squad or multiple squads to play in a server. It is amazingly fun and well worth the $40. You can easily get it for pretty cheap for $20. Social Media Campaign This year, I'd like to get a goal of getting at least 2 weekly videos up! And finally, time to start the personal VLOG and the much awaited Commander Series for many games! I also like to invite all of you to help with our social media platforms like twitter, instagram, snapchat and to help get more videos on youtube as well! A lot to do this year and a lot to expect. Let's get out there and apologize for being new guys!