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  1. Just to build onto this, I think it's safe to say that the community's focus has shifted from ARMA 3 to Black Desert Online. Black Desert Online (NA) has made some changes and fixed some of the problems our community took issue with about a year when the game first came to North America. New and returning player get access to special servers for a month that give 100% bonus experience, allowing you to quickly level up to 50 in less than a day and soon after to level 56 where you get you're class's awakening weapon. So if you're like me, played warrior and didn't like doing no damage well now warriors get a big ass two handed sword that actually kills stuff. Our intention in BDO is to build up our characters enough to where we can participate in guild node wars. To attempt this we've teamed up another group of players who have been playing Black Desert Online continuously and have knowledge about the end game we lack and desperately need. So what does this mean for ARMA 3? If mean's stuff like the cold war campaign is put on hold. The server may also be shut down. I cannot confirm anything about this currently. It's up to the person(s) who pay for the ARMA 3 server to decide. Inevitably this community will come back to ARMA 3 sometime in the future. We always have and will, the game has years of amazing mods supporting it's replay ability. If you wish to know when we will come back to ARMA 3 just register on this website and you will receive an email when the time comes for VG to return to playing ARMA 3 as our primary game. If you you're one of the many players who does not wish to follow us into Black Desert Online that perfectly fine. I encourage to stay networked with everyone you enjoyed playing with here and keep playing with them on other servers, meet new friends and then when VG brings a server back to ARMA 3 bring them with you and we'll all have fun together playing ARMA 3 again. I'm trying to find a spot to farm away from everyone else and get jumped by 4 weebs claiming they own everything.
  2. Black Desert Online has improved itself as a MMORPG massively. We're also taking a more casual approach and it's been tons of fun. If you want to join in, please let us know!
  3. We no longer play Black Desert Online. A number of factors have contributed to the reason for this. Castle siege content was delayed long past the expected time for it's delivery. When we started playing BDO we had the intention of attempting to become a high end PvP guild so a lot of time was invested into gearing up and staying competitive against other guilds. Unfortunately due to the way the game is designed, you can never really reach a certain point where you can stop grinding gear and just focus on fun. On top of that, content that changes and adds new items to the game is released with only a days notice. So of course eventually a lot of our members got burnt out on the game. Work we put into being ready for castle sieges would suddenly become over turned by a new update that adds new armor or weapons that are better than what we already had. The majority of us agreed that the game was becoming more and more stressful like a chore and not any fun anymore so we stopped playing it. We no longer have a MMO to play as a large group. However in the mean time, while we wait for something else or search for a new MMO, Proverbs is in the process of creating a ARMA 3 campaign for us to play. If you don't know what ARMA 3 is, it's a massive military combat sandbox game on steam. It's more intricate than your average shooter and slower paced but it can be really fun to play in with a group of friends. Here's a link to the ARMA 3 Campaign event that starts on July 1st. In between now and July 1st we will be playing ARMA 3 sporadically to get ready for the campaign. Feel free to join in on any of those sessions to get your game set up and working and or to practice playing as a team. If you have any further questions or concerns talk to Proverbs on Teamspeak or just PM him on this site. To end this post here's a nice picture of DarkAvengerx7 and Proverbs that someone, can't remember who made this, photo shopped. LOL XD
  4. -Hit level 55 by May 1st, (Deadline for any player in the main guild). -RSVP'ing to events is NOW required. Whether you're going or not, it is required. -More guild missions. Aim for at least 2 a day.
  5. -More guild missions. At least two missions in the morning. Two missions in the evening. -Use the RSVP feature on the website on events in the calendar. Check the website at least every other day to stay up to date and informed. -Expect more guild verse guild fights on the weekends for practice. We already have a few set for this weekend, check calendar. -Make and effort to hit level and AP/DP goals. These will be updated regularly on the website by Proverbs, be on the look out for this. Goals will be updated every two weeks roughly. -Sister guild will be made within the next few days. The guild's creation got delayed. *Anyone who has not made the April 13th goals needs to contact Proverbs by Friday the 15th. *New level goal. Level 55 by next Saturday the 23rd. If you can't make this talk to Proverbs. -Guild Scrims on Monday. -Next guild meeting will be on April 23rd.
  6. Meeting notes 2/26/2015 Switching to hardcore. Step it up and get to level 55. Castle Sieges delayed? Mediah expected to come out very soon. Probably before Castle Sieges. Recruitment, need to recruit more active members. Need a bigger backline. Not taking anymore warrior or valks unless they are 50. Absorb more guilds. Poach members. Guild v Guild: More coms talk more. Voice activation debate. Drehmini Triggered. Any event on the calendar now has to be RSVPed. This is for leaders so they can make appropriate plans based on the # of RSVPs. Goal in 5 weeks. DP req raised to 160. AP is 120. Proverbs is streaming full time. Arma and Squad nights will start next month.
  7. Guild Mission Mandatory Being on Teamspeak when in Game Mandatory Will have Teamspeak AFK timer Gearing and Leveling Current 50s should be aiming for 53 by Siege Current non 50s should aim for 51s by siege April 2nd is the Speculated Siege Day Boss Scrolls are to be done with full VG groups Too many people are not playing or playing very slowly, it's hurting the guild Mostly older VG members The guild will be turning more hardcore Casual players will be phased over to the overflow guild Minimal AP/DP to be aiming for is 100/120
  8. Recruitment Rules for new guys When guild events are going on you have to come one teamspeak It's ok to slow down recruitment Guild running out of slots Will be setting up secondary guild Primary will have 100+ slots for the serious PvP, mission, etc Secondary guild will stay low member count until needed PvP Node wars starting soon Will be participating Castle Wars May participate, but not expecting to do very well on the first one against guilds like Gatekeeper, Risen Guild Missions Did a dry run Will be ready to do better ones now Will do guild missions all day Saturday and Sunday Players sub 30 should focus on grinding Gear up and Grind up to get ready Will be doing Kill missions Misc Gaining members quickly Primary guyild may get filled before secondary one is up Players who don't play may get replaced due to the contract system this DOES NOT MEAN you are getting removed, just hop on teamspeak and ask to get put back in It's not because we have activity requirements, but we're trying to get guild points fast, you're always free to come back Will only get removed if we need the room We are expecting ar least 90% attendance rate (90/100) for the early guild PvP fights Website Be on it You NEED to RSVP using the calendar system for guild Events
  9. Pastebin Version Meeting Notes - 2/27/2016 Rainbow 6 Siege Were considering playing as a group Draft Style in-house tournaments instead of playing randomly with PUGS Currently priced at full ($60) Holding off on this for now Maybe wait until it's cheaper/on sale Squad Been tracking, early access previously wasn't really worth it, there may be more now Still wouldn't be a primary game Holding off on this for now as well March 18th is a temporary date, we likely try it out then Arma 3 Arma 3 nights will be returning No exact date, but likely before Squad (March 18th) Don't want to do PvE for now Easier to get people into PvP People were always on different stages in terms of mods and stuff, always took forever to actually get the games started Black Desert Online - EDAN SERVER Make sure to be on the NA Servers Primary Goals PvP focused Community Obtain Castle Recruiting Have to fill ranks back up to Planetside numbers Currently sitting at around 50 people in meeting Everybody needs to be seeking out new players GUEST PASSES We will set up some sort of guest pass system so that people can try the game out (guest pass gives 7 days, given to people who preordered) Guild Proverbs will be setting up Clan Will convert to Guild later, but Clan should be up on Day 1 (sunday 28th) Everyone will have guild invite priveledges Do not just mass invite People invited are expected to have been on the website and teamspeak and other general guild expectations. Guild Politics Make a few good allies Fuck everyone else If you want to PvP and kill random people out in the world then by all means do so This will wreck Guild Karma This has consequences You have to accept this if you're going to want to be in VG We're assholes and we like it Trade and Economy People in charge need to know alot about crafting systems and the economy Need to strive to be some of the best crafters/etc Rely on them for guild crafting missions and similar things, should know the best plans for completeing missions and succedding as a guild Message Crawdad on forums, Teamspeak, steam to ask questions/get invlolved Maxing Max out as soon as possible We do not want to miss out on the first round of guild Sieges No specific date as of yet for when that is Max is level 50 (soft cap) Information Dump on website has information on how to hit 50 fast Max it will take is about 20 hours of gameplay Can be much faster if grinding specifically to level Would like to show up to the first siege with 50-60 people minimum It is faster to grind mobs than to grind quests Do quests later for things like inventory expansion, conquest points, whatever else LEARN YOUR CLASS Don't play too mindlessly, make sure you learn your class as well Learn how your class works with groups Animation canceling Check forums for more information Game is new, don't be afraid to try things out but don't be too stupid CLASSES - Good overviews for classes https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiIDj0gsjp3De_A5bcHGdoYm59CQ90FJr Warrios & Valkyries Will be our shield wall These classes take skill and gear, we need a good core of skilled and geared players for this Ranger, Wizard, Sorceress, Witch Good backline for Guild PvP Tamer Good for 1v1, not as much for guild PvP Giants Play them if you want There will be a file up to list our classes Please let us know what classes you're playing We're not locking you into classes play whatever you want, but this is to help us track what we're working with Guild Sieges and General Attitude Same mentality as Planetside Jump in and play whenever you want EXCEPTION -guild sieges Guild Sieges are pre planned event, you will RSVP to them IF YOU SIGN UP YOU NEED TO SHOW UP they need to be planned in advance, we need scouting and to travel places in advanced You can't be late or a no show or unprepared, or you will fuck us over If you're online during guild mission and raids etc you are expected to participate guild sieges happen at set times a few times a week We don't know exactly when they will be yet, we will figure out when our best times are based on participation and voting Miscellaneous Make sure to get a good horse MONEY IS POWER Get Blackstones They are used to make your gear better Game revolves around them Talking to NPCs to get knowledge and unlock things, otherwise will have to backtrack There are daily log in rewards Spend points gained for loggin in in a cash-shop like store Fishing Don't craft boats right away They degrade and are expensive to get fast Build a cheap raft and go somewhere where there are REsources: Abundant You will not get screwed for not playing No huge emphasis on dailies Strawpoll 17 - Already bought the Game 16 - Plan to buy the Game 4 - Not going to buy the Game
  10. Black Desert Online: NA/EU Release is on the 3rd of March. RSVP here if you plan on playing the game with VG. http://black-desert.com/news/release-date-of-the-euna-black-desert-online-is-finally-reveald/
  11. until
    The conquerors Pre Order pack will have a head start at 28th of February, the Explorer's Pre Order pack with begin on the 1st of March and the Traveler's Pre order Pack the 2nd of March. The Full release is on the 3rd of March. http://black-desert.com/news/release-date-of-the-euna-black-desert-online-is-finally-reveald/