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      I've set up a Validus Gamers Discord server for a way for the community to chat anytime outside of games and teamspeak 3 via mobile device or the desktop app. The Teamspeak 3 is still our voice communication program of choice. Message me if you want the info to join.

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Found 3 results

  1. I'm going to stop playing bdo as hardcore it just slowly becoming harder and harder for me to spend time focusing on the game as a whole. So if you need space drop me from guild and ill roll guildless till the time the sister guild is up and running maybe at some point once i get a nice little break i can come back renergized and get back into a more hardcore play style just not feeling it atm.
  2. Black Desert Online: NA/EU Release is on the 3rd of March. RSVP here if you plan on playing the game with VG. http://black-desert.com/news/release-date-of-the-euna-black-desert-online-is-finally-reveald/
  3. until
    The conquerors Pre Order pack will have a head start at 28th of February, the Explorer's Pre Order pack with begin on the 1st of March and the Traveler's Pre order Pack the 2nd of March. The Full release is on the 3rd of March. http://black-desert.com/news/release-date-of-the-euna-black-desert-online-is-finally-reveald/