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    • IrishInsanity

      Validus Gamers Discord Server   01/24/17

      I've set up a Validus Gamers Discord server for a way for the community to chat anytime outside of games and teamspeak 3 via mobile device or the desktop app. The Teamspeak 3 is still our voice communication program of choice. Message me if you want the info to join.
    • Proverbs

      ArmA 3 WW2 Server   07/29/18

      WW2 Server is up and running. We'll be doing just a "testing" phase as we normally do from now to about the end of August until the official campaign is started for Italy. We'll be doing an italy invasion.

      Ops don't always run everyday. We'll prefer to keep it that way. Members may create ops but unless it has my stamp of approval, it is not official Validus. Don't let those reflect your experiences on our server. Please await for our official campaign announcement. Official ops time will be posted.

      If you'd like to help keep the server going, please donate to this paypal: [email protected]

      Your Neighborhood Asian

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  1. Hello and welcome, as you may have noticed ValidusGamers is back into Arma 3 running World War 2 operations once again. In this iteration it is myself, Proverbs, and Stroytov goal to actually grow the community in the Arma 3 perspective at least in to a proper Arma 3 Unit. While this won't be as strict as most mil-sim in you have to follow extreme measures to play with us we do ask that you follow these simple rules above all else : 1. No teamkilling what so ever during any op or debrief (this rule will end once the zeus says debrief is over) ,2. If a squad leader gives you an order you may make suggestions but do not flat out argue over it, 3. When a [MOD]/[Admin] tag say to drop something drop it you may bring it up later in or after debrief (if it involves an issue you feel we need to address poke a mod/admin and we will listen and discuss it at a later date) , and lastly 4. We are here to have fun so just enjoy it we are not a full on mil-sim unit if you want to learn ask most of us will be willing to teach. Also currently for Official VG ops only Myself/Stroytov/Proverbs are main VG Zeuses. Other Zeuses are able to lead ops when an official is not scheduled but do not base their ops on VG standards they may be new Zeuses or not used to our set-up. During this time if you haven't already joined the discord be sure to join the ValidusGamers Steam group for notifications on op times.
  2. Hi it's me Nrin with a news update, Follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/Nrin2D Be sure comment like and subscribe for more exciting new old content from me, Nrin. -The ARMA III Server that was run by @Dingesskahn and @DervishStorm was shutdown due to inconsistencies. The server ran for a good 3ish months and we brought in a lot of new people into the teamspeak 3. For now a lot of people seem to be burnt on ARMA III, as we have played it on and off for years. -The Lineage 2 Guild run by @Proverbs was disbanded. The guild did claim a fort against a pay to win players during the first week of siege release. The second week our guild was crushed by a guild full of pay to win whales. In order to stay competitive we would have had to either work really hard or dropped a very large amount of money. Unfortunately neither was worth the one weekly night of fun that was the pvp fort sieges. - @Proverbs is continuing to work on his MMORPG game Astaria. For the most accurate update talk to him. - ShadowWhale109 and crew still do tank stuff in Planetside 2. Planetside 2 is slowly getting better and worse. They really nailed making better worses which sort of better but not really worse off because of how small the community has gotten which is probably more worse then better. What does the future hold for Validus Gamers? It's a Scooby Doo mystery, who knows where we'll end up next, when and who we will unmask for a Scooby Snack. There is an interest in Star Citizen but that game is still very far from a state where we could play it as a community and get entertainment out of it. Star Citizen is in alpha testing phase which means buggy and not yet optimized. In closing, this is Nrin reminding you this January to Michael down your Vincents.
  3. As some of you may have noticed the Arma 3 server went down this is in part to Proverbs needing more time to work on his game nearing Alpha testing. Fret not though the server will be returning under Dingeskhan and myself(Dervish). The server is expected to be up sometime next week. Under Dinges and myself we will be accepting mod suggestions as well as maps details on where to send map upload will be coming. The server will be taking donations to help in costs of running the server right now server costs are approximately $80-100 a month . A new campaign will be planned and announced to start sometime mid october.
  4. : 3202 or search for [VG] with the brackets Some links, http://radio.task-force.ru/en/ Loadouts SOP
  5. Greetings, to whomever this may concern. Validus Gamers is no longer playing Planetside 2. There was a moment a few months back were a resurgence of veteran players returned to Planetside, after World of Warcraft: Legion became too unenjoyable, influenced VG's brief return to the game. At the time it had seemed like there was an opportunity to fix the damaging short comings of Planetside 2. Day Break Games, Planetside 2's current development team, was in talks with veteran players and former SOE developers about what they thought should be changed in Planetside 2. There may, or may not, have even been new job opportunities offered at DBGs. Excited to get this kind of reaction from the newer development team, many purchased Day Break Games membership subscriptions to encourage this behavior by the DBG and to support the game with a source of revenue. An entire platoon of players with membership subscriptions active. Each blue arrow to the right of a player indicates they have an active subscription. Unfortunately, almost all of the feedback for changes that would vastly improve the game were never implemented by DBG. Later a new patch changed the implant system into a blatant cash grab attempt. The new implant system took away every player's implants and gated them behind low drop rate random element loot boxes that are purchased with certifications or real money. In addition to all this something else was discovered. Veteran players want a large, epic, spread out battle on a global map where logistics, tactics and well timed decisions all matter. Ultimately a strategic MMO where players can work together to accomplish something. A game that everyone can play and enjoy. The newer Planetside 2 Community prefers to play Planetside 2 as a small scale arena style shooter where measured individual skill is most important. Anything that inconveniences this play style is deemed bad by this newer Planetside 2 community. Rather than an MMO, these players want an instanced epsort with special rules to dictate a battle. A game where players that are "good" can play and tell other players to "get gud." For the past four years what little was left of the Planetside 2 community had grown different ideas and values about where the direct of the game's development should go that conflicted with veteran player ideas and values. As a result, proposed changes made by veteran players and former SOE developers were met with negativity by the new Planetside 2 community, which may explain why veteran feedback changes were never made to the game. Perhaps it's a generation thing. The younger players only know conveniences and handouts. While the old players want an experience bigger and beyond how many golden star stickers they can earn on their virtual guns. Either way, I know one thing. We won't be shooting and them and they won't be shooting at us for years to come in Planetside 2. All the newfound interest in Planetside 2 has died down. All the content added to game during VG's absence wasn't enough to entertain for more than a few months and with nothing new on the horizon to justify playing any further it was only natural that our community would gravitate away from the playing the game consistently. The final nail in the coffin is that Planetside 2's development team is very very small. The smallest it's ever been. The game is a low growth and low income service. So the servers will likely be shut down within a year. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So what's next for Validus Gamers? Nothing major for now. Currently the community's past time is ARMA III. Validus Gamers does have a ARMA III server played regularly on with some organized events. You can find some of them on the website's calendar and on the Teamspeak 3 server. @TheCrimsonFist may be working on an ARMA III zombie survival themed campaign, you can read more about it here. Looking for something new in ARMA III? The Jets DLC was released on the 16th. I will mention that more and more upcoming MMOs are avoiding the free to play model. This is a good thing because they won't fall into the same trap that Planetside 2 did with having to constantly pump out cash shop items just to pay for the electric bill. Finally, Validus Gamers isn't going away. There may not be a massive game for us to go into adventures now. But there will be games to play later. Until we can play those games, DO NOT forget to tell people that you're are sorry you're new.
  6. Hey all! It's yo boy, Proverbs. The new year has wrapped around fairly quick. We've seen 2016 with many different events and fun times. We've had ArmA 3, BDO, WoW and hints of Planetside 2 last year. Although both BDO and WoW has dropped our attention, ArmA 3 has continued to be something we won't ever stop playing since it's been apart of our community for years. Star Citizen But lets talk about 2017, there is a big title that we've been aiming to play since 3 years ago. That is Star Citizen. With big milestones by RSI, Star Citizen is seeing a potential Alpha and maybe even Beta this year. Maybe 2018 release date? Well with what is currently out, I want to have us jump on with who we have and finally make our Organization in SC, official. We need to identify what we want to do. We will finally have a get together to play the PU and Star Marine. This year, we're going to begin the formation of our Organization. We're going to start getting on the beta builds and fly around, get use to the combat and overall, dictate what we can accomplish realistically and set a goal for ourselves. Our mindset will take on a whole new way this time around. This is thousands of real USD's we're talking about. So our "casual yet serious" mindset needs to be reworked for Star Citizen. We will need to convert to a more serious mentality. We will be implementing OPSEC. I know in many games, OPSEC was not needed. But for Star Citizen, I believe we need a level of security to correctly identify who we should release information to on a need to know basis. We'll also be introducing an official "Rank" system. I know we've done away with it in the past but I want to start doing a rank system specifically for this game. Discuss? So lastly, our to do list for SC is to get our organization up and running this year! Get some play time in! And do a role call. ArmA 3 ArmA 3 released Apex earlier last year. It added in a really cool island to play on. The game has since then released a ton of mods, and game modes. I'm looking to finish our Campaign we started from last year, to start a WW2 one and to start a Halo one. So more to come off this! This will probably remain the primary game to play. Squad Although Squad isn't fully developed yet. I'd like to schedule weekly nights where we set up a squad or multiple squads to play in a server. It is amazingly fun and well worth the $40. You can easily get it for pretty cheap for $20. Social Media Campaign This year, I'd like to get a goal of getting at least 2 weekly videos up! And finally, time to start the personal VLOG and the much awaited Commander Series for many games! I also like to invite all of you to help with our social media platforms like twitter, instagram, snapchat and to help get more videos on youtube as well! A lot to do this year and a lot to expect. Let's get out there and apologize for being new guys!
  7. until
    Joint operations with BWC in ARMA 3. Halo mod theme. Mod list, Proverb's forum post
  8. until
    Joint operations with BWC in ARMA 3. Halo mod theme. Mod list, Proverb's forum post
  9. until
    Joint operations with BWC in ARMA 3. Halo mod theme. Mod list, Proverb's forum post
  10. until
    Joint operations with BWC in ARMA 3. Halo mod theme. Mod list, Proverb's forum post
  11. We no longer play Black Desert Online. A number of factors have contributed to the reason for this. Castle siege content was delayed long past the expected time for it's delivery. When we started playing BDO we had the intention of attempting to become a high end PvP guild so a lot of time was invested into gearing up and staying competitive against other guilds. Unfortunately due to the way the game is designed, you can never really reach a certain point where you can stop grinding gear and just focus on fun. On top of that, content that changes and adds new items to the game is released with only a days notice. So of course eventually a lot of our members got burnt out on the game. Work we put into being ready for castle sieges would suddenly become over turned by a new update that adds new armor or weapons that are better than what we already had. The majority of us agreed that the game was becoming more and more stressful like a chore and not any fun anymore so we stopped playing it. We no longer have a MMO to play as a large group. However in the mean time, while we wait for something else or search for a new MMO, Proverbs is in the process of creating a ARMA 3 campaign for us to play. If you don't know what ARMA 3 is, it's a massive military combat sandbox game on steam. It's more intricate than your average shooter and slower paced but it can be really fun to play in with a group of friends. Here's a link to the ARMA 3 Campaign event that starts on July 1st. In between now and July 1st we will be playing ARMA 3 sporadically to get ready for the campaign. Feel free to join in on any of those sessions to get your game set up and working and or to practice playing as a team. If you have any further questions or concerns talk to Proverbs on Teamspeak or just PM him on this site. To end this post here's a nice picture of DarkAvengerx7 and Proverbs that someone, can't remember who made this, photo shopped. LOL XD