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  1. The Arma 3 server is paid up till Christmas with all the donations recieved after which the server will be closed. Here are the reasons behind the closing to give people better insight to my thinking : 1. Lack of attendance (now while yes Nam increased the pop it dropped quick when we swapped from it), 2. Lack of willingness to follow rules ( I had created a simple ruleset which several regulars had issues following creating me more headache), 3. Straight up lack of respect for those in positions of power ( When a mod,zeus or myself tell you something its not to be a dick but we have set rulesets for loadouts and mission variations and people blow off what we say). If any of the Zeuses I put over the server wish to open a new server I am more than willing to help in setting up as well as providing my scriptting set i used on our current maps. At 4pm est today 12/6 I'll be swapping server back over to our Rhs settings till server closes.
  2. Ban Will be Lifted 11/20/17
  3. until
    In honor of Halloween I will be creating an escape style mission using zombies and demons mod. All are welcome mods will be light for this op. 30mins after the end will be the 2nd mission for the Arma 3 mini camapign.
  4. As some of you may have noticed the Arma 3 server went down this is in part to Proverbs needing more time to work on his game nearing Alpha testing. Fret not though the server will be returning under Dingeskhan and myself(Dervish). The server is expected to be up sometime next week. Under Dinges and myself we will be accepting mod suggestions as well as maps details on where to send map upload will be coming. The server will be taking donations to help in costs of running the server right now server costs are approximately $80-100 a month . A new campaign will be planned and announced to start sometime mid october.
  5. taunus is set for another campaign we have planned unless plans have changed
  6. I like the idea prov can i dibs logi stuff?
  7. We are currently trying to get ahold of thr provider with no avail
  8. until

    Im going try and be there prov. Have something going on a little earlier that day
  9. You posted the SOP not loadouts Might make a note of the backpacks so someone doesnt see a backpack and thinks its ok for them to have it as well if its specified for a specifc role
  10. Unknown at this time if ill be there prov
  11. Being targeted by a frigate's AA rockets
  12. DervishStorm -Been with VG since PS2 (Hellhounds/Mammoths/Orca) -Played a lot of dayz and Arma 3 with most of my early gaming being in Ghost recon/Typhoon rising/Black hawk down -from Corny Indiana
  13. until

    What sort of ace training? Unsure if ill be on tonight
  14. I only ever had issues on taunus map when we went to tonoa and rest of mods i was fine.
  15. will previously downloaded rhs from site work instead of workshop ones prov?