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  1. until
    In honor of Halloween I will be creating an escape style mission using zombies and demons mod. All are welcome mods will be light for this op. 30mins after the end will be the 2nd mission for the Arma 3 mini camapign.
  2. As some of you may have noticed the Arma 3 server went down this is in part to Proverbs needing more time to work on his game nearing Alpha testing. Fret not though the server will be returning under Dingeskhan and myself(Dervish). The server is expected to be up sometime next week. Under Dinges and myself we will be accepting mod suggestions as well as maps details on where to send map upload will be coming. The server will be taking donations to help in costs of running the server right now server costs are approximately $80-100 a month . A new campaign will be planned and announced to start sometime mid october.
  3. until

    Im going try and be there prov. Have something going on a little earlier that day
  4. until

    What sort of ace training? Unsure if ill be on tonight
  5. During this weekend I'll be unable to attend any guild events save for late sunday night. I have a wedding to attend Friday/Saturday

  6. until

    Unable due to time
  7. Are you gonna be joining us for ArmA 3 ?

    1. DervishStorm


      not for modded stuff i stick mostly to wasteland/KoTH

  8. until

    Notes were we are casuals now until maybe siege @drehmini
  9. until

    May be a wee bit late
  10. until

    Not sure if I to pvp or do 5 straight guild missions yet
  11. until

    You have conflicting times is the 4:10 pst or est the event says it starts at 7pm est for me but the post just says 4:10pm
  12. until

    Just a note of some testing the crafters did last night we are closer to cannons than we thought a translation error occured and we need Skilled 10 gathering and Professional 5 processing and only Apprentice 1 alchemy for anyone who wants to help in cannons thats approx. 1-2weeks of just doing energy when its up and doing ovlia dailies for gathering xp.
  13. until

    Reworking cannon guide to be in depth with nodes needed and how to make it exactly should be done before and good for meeting tomorrow