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  1. taunus is set for another campaign we have planned unless plans have changed
  2. I like the idea prov can i dibs logi stuff?
  3. We are currently trying to get ahold of thr provider with no avail
  4. until

    Im going try and be there prov. Have something going on a little earlier that day
  5. You posted the SOP not loadouts Might make a note of the backpacks so someone doesnt see a backpack and thinks its ok for them to have it as well if its specified for a specifc role
  6. Unknown at this time if ill be there prov
  7. Being targeted by a frigate's AA rockets
  8. DervishStorm -Been with VG since PS2 (Hellhounds/Mammoths/Orca) -Played a lot of dayz and Arma 3 with most of my early gaming being in Ghost recon/Typhoon rising/Black hawk down -from Corny Indiana
  9. until

    What sort of ace training? Unsure if ill be on tonight
  10. I only ever had issues on taunus map when we went to tonoa and rest of mods i was fine.
  11. will previously downloaded rhs from site work instead of workshop ones prov?
  12. Is this going to include ftg bwc and te?
  13. aceadditional @Railingo
  14. In theory i have the mods downloading i had to start it via mobile app as i had already left for work
  15. The exact mod name is ifa3lite @CaptainThor