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  1. NOTICE: If you're TS3 is asking if you want to update, don't. The new version currently breaks compatability with any servers and plugins, which are not updated to the latest version.

    1. Proverbs


      That's a lie, I'm connected right now you puss

    2. drehmini


      I'll be updating the TS3 server either tomorrow morning or thursday morning.

  2. First VG post in 2017. Happy New Year Validus. Whether you're an aged veteran or recently joined us, remember this, we are all new here!

  3. Hey, I'm going to send you a script, you think you can get a voice over done by Sunday for me?

  4. Recorded the meeting. However the first three minutes have no audio. Will post it tomorrow.

    1. IrishInsanity


      You should add like an intro to it as like a joke lol

    2. Proverbs


      We actually already have meeting notes.

  5. until

    Corrected the start time of the meeting. Unless you want to hold the meeting at 5am.
  6. Finally acquired a beta key for BDO-CBT2. Downloading now.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Proverbs
    3. TheCrimsonFist
    4. Proverbs


      Oh that is a definitely a given. You should check out the in depth crafting/trading system.

  7. So its been confirmed that The Division PC has been limited by consoles, on orders from Ubisoft. 

    Also how long did it take to come up with the Ferrari and Lambo analogy Lobster? Even before I saw it, I just it'd be you. Fucking funny though. 

    1. RadioActiveLobster


      Didn't take long at all (in fact, I'm pretty sure I've heard something like it before so it's not even original).

  8. beta


    Shall we aim for Friday 4pm EST?
  9. beta


    Ubisoft ID: MCTemplar
  10. Have two Division Beta Keys for anyone who wants one. Reply below. First come first served.

    1. TheCrimsonFist


      First one claimed by Booga. One left.

    2. DarkAvengerX7


      Meeeeee! Plzkthxbai.

  11. Please use a real email address :(

  12. So looking around the wip VG site. We turning into facebook now or something?

    1. IrishInsanity


      A little bit.  We still have the tradition forums but with extra fluff like face book. Perhaps we can get rid of facebook all together depending on how things work out.