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  1. I play mmorpgs but only when I have a community to play with. I'm in it for the pvp, especially if it's the large scale kind.
  2. That's what happens when triple A titles become triple A shits.
  3. I'm interested in this game
  4. I've also added the server address and to the op.
  5. From what I understand, the community wanted to move away from WWII themed missions. You're going to see more modern stuff on the server to add some variety and replayability.
  6. : 3202 or search for [VG] with the brackets Some links, Loadouts SOP
  7. Welcome!
  8. Just to build onto this, I think it's safe to say that the community's focus has shifted from ARMA 3 to Black Desert Online. Black Desert Online (NA) has made some changes and fixed some of the problems our community took issue with about a year when the game first came to North America. New and returning player get access to special servers for a month that give 100% bonus experience, allowing you to quickly level up to 50 in less than a day and soon after to level 56 where you get you're class's awakening weapon. So if you're like me, played warrior and didn't like doing no damage well now warriors get a big ass two handed sword that actually kills stuff. Our intention in BDO is to build up our characters enough to where we can participate in guild node wars. To attempt this we've teamed up another group of players who have been playing Black Desert Online continuously and have knowledge about the end game we lack and desperately need. So what does this mean for ARMA 3? If mean's stuff like the cold war campaign is put on hold. The server may also be shut down. I cannot confirm anything about this currently. It's up to the person(s) who pay for the ARMA 3 server to decide. Inevitably this community will come back to ARMA 3 sometime in the future. We always have and will, the game has years of amazing mods supporting it's replay ability. If you wish to know when we will come back to ARMA 3 just register on this website and you will receive an email when the time comes for VG to return to playing ARMA 3 as our primary game. If you you're one of the many players who does not wish to follow us into Black Desert Online that perfectly fine. I encourage to stay networked with everyone you enjoyed playing with here and keep playing with them on other servers, meet new friends and then when VG brings a server back to ARMA 3 bring them with you and we'll all have fun together playing ARMA 3 again. I'm trying to find a spot to farm away from everyone else and get jumped by 4 weebs claiming they own everything.
  9. This guy sucks.
  10. Viciouscross told me the next big star citizen content patch is on the way. Perhaps by the time you become available to play games again we can go on some adventures on one of the planet's surfaces.
  11. Welcome, glad to have you around!
  12. If I have two new guys using the forums asking the same question is unanswered for a day I'm going to give them an answer even if it's "don't know." I not afraid to look stupid. I'd rather look stupid then leave people hanging. I appreciate you guys posting this issue about the ARMA server. Sorry for any inconvenience. The new IP address is If you experience any further issues please let us know.
  13. Says the guy who posted twice in a row. I'm one post from resetting my post odometer. Get on my level.
  14. Couldn't tell ya. =(
  15. Hiya, I'm IrishInsanity. I play a wide variety of different game. Heros of the Storm, Grim Dawn, Dawn of War III to name some recent ones. Loved playing Company of Heros. Solid game. Good times. I would either play British or Panzer Elite. In CoH 2 I played as Americans.