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  1. Will update tonight!
  2. Operation - Tsunami Thunder - (1984) Russian communist forces have seized control from the Afrenian Government and attempted to Annex the small country for it's ridiculous amount of resources. The pressure from NATO countries have finally supported the U.S. in declaring a full scale war. A "Non-Nuclear Pact" has been signed by all countries to limit the usage of nuclear weapons. You are assigned to the Marine Expeditionary Unit along with the USS Freedom to combat the Russians and free the people of the Afrenia. Bring democracy to the country! Campaign Features: Weekly episodic Zeus missions with coordination from multiple players! Side missions in between our primary mission days. Limited Ordnance. Supply is not infinite. Refresh our supply by completing objectives to replenish vehicles, ammo and respawns. Ticket system, each mission is given a certain amount of "tickets" for player respawn. If they are used up, the player may not participate in the mission any longer. 1980's themed units, loadouts and combat engagements. One of the few organized public servers. Have a friend? Invite them to our next mission as a Marine Grunt! Hardcore missions for the more experienced players. We have a Force Recon group that will be doing more hardcore style missions where death is permanent for that mission. Once you die that mission, you're out of that mission. Objectives that affect the outcome of the next or the outcome of the entire campaign! How do I participate? Rules: If you want to participate as a marine infantryman, you may simple show up on the day of the operation. As long as you follow orders and do not select a role that requires more knowledge of the game.(Medic, EOD, etc.) If you want to participate as a more involved role, please sign up here: The server is active and the date of the first Operation is 6:00pm EST September 16th, 2017. Non Specialty Roles: Marine Rifleman Marine Auto Rifleman Marine Grenadier Marine Anti Tank Specialist Marine Medic (Knowledge of ACE required) USS Freedom Flight Crew (Knowledge of ACE required) Marine Team Leader (Approval required) Specialty Roles: Commander of Expeditionary Force - [VG] Proverbs Zeus Aid/Executive Officer of the Expeditionary Force - Chow Zeus Aid/Battalion S-2 Intelligence - TheEvilFlea Zeus Aid/Battalion S-3 Operations - (None) Battalion S-4 Supply - [VG] Dervishstorm 1st Platoon Leader- (None) Squad Leader - [VG] Dingesskahn Squad Leader - Brad Squad Leader - Sandman Rotary Wing (CAS/Transport) Eagle 1 - [VG] Sovereign Rotary Wing (CAS/Transport) Eagle 2 - (None) Rotary Wing (CAS/Transport) Eagle 3 - (None) Fixed Wing (CAS) Spooky 1-1 - (None) Fixed Wing (CAS) Spooky 2-1 - (None) Armored Specialist Wardog 1-1 - (None) Armored Specialist Wardog 1-2 - (None) Armored Specialist Fury 1-1 - (None) Armored Specialist Fury 1-2 - (None) "Raider" Marine Force Recon 1-1 (Leader) - (None) "Raider" Marine Force Recon 1-2 - (None) "Raider" Marine Force Recon 1-3 - (None) "Raider" Marine Force Recon 1-4 - (None) "Raider" Marine Force Recon 1-5 - (None) "Raider" Marine Force Recon 1-6 - (None) "Raider" Marine Force Recon 1-7 - (None)
  3. Taunus is pretty performance intense.
  4. nvm

  5. No one comes to WW2 mods anymore, most of us got burnt out on WW2 so we decided to just go back to modern day.
  6. Mhmmm... I'll look into holding something this week. Sorry we been on a BDO craze!
  7. Black Desert Online has improved itself as a MMORPG massively. We're also taking a more casual approach and it's been tons of fun. If you want to join in, please let us know!
  8. Looks like I loss the election :/
  9. Prov is tbe new voted leader
  10. your picture is aids but take your time. We been developing our own game and playing ArmA 3. That's all, haven't missed too much except our 80 Player D-Day jump.
  11. Well its probably gonna be up for vote but my guess is our WW2 server will remain up but our focus will switch from WW2 to something else, 6-8 weeks time.
  12. Welcome to VG man. We love to hop around and play games as a group. We love uncensored dick jokes but when we're in game, we look to working together.
  13. You can request to join it.
  14. We go based on campaigns. We started ours on june 4th, we'll probably end in August. That's quite a bit of time. We change things up to keep it fresh and new. For example, Altis, we played vanilla, Tanoa, we played RHS, Australia, we played modern day PMC's. Style changes based on availability as well. Our campaigns have different setting and storylines as well. So it's a nice change of pace, maybe we'll continue it, maybe we'll return to it, maybe we'll extend from it. But we have to kind of decide where to stop and where to continue.