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  1. Edited your post so it doesn't include people who don't play arma. It's misleading to list our names.
  2. Hey guys! We're coming up on our 1 year marker for Astaria and we've been hard at work on it. Validus has almost finished a public alpha demo. We just need to finish creating the first pass through on our Warlord AI System. After that, it's a matter of finetuning the combat. If you can support the game, the link is down below. If you can't but want to help, sharing to your friends or other groups about the game is the next best thing! I appreciate all the comments, likes and upvotes/support I get from you guys. This wouldn't be possible if VG weren't around as my base platform to achieve these goals.
  3. Awesome, what are some Multiplayer/MMORPG's that you felt really left an impression on you and why?
  4. Yeah I'm gonna see where that goes. I like how we go from liking triple A titles to hoping for indie developers.
  6. Taunus is pretty performance intense.
  7. No one comes to WW2 mods anymore, most of us got burnt out on WW2 so we decided to just go back to modern day.
  8. Mhmmm... I'll look into holding something this week. Sorry we been on a BDO craze!
  9. Black Desert Online has improved itself as a MMORPG massively. We're also taking a more casual approach and it's been tons of fun. If you want to join in, please let us know!
  10. Looks like I loss the election :/
  11. Prov is tbe new voted leader
  12. Well its probably gonna be up for vote but my guess is our WW2 server will remain up but our focus will switch from WW2 to something else, 6-8 weeks time.
  13. You can request to join it.
  14. We go based on campaigns. We started ours on june 4th, we'll probably end in August. That's quite a bit of time. We change things up to keep it fresh and new. For example, Altis, we played vanilla, Tanoa, we played RHS, Australia, we played modern day PMC's. Style changes based on availability as well. Our campaigns have different setting and storylines as well. So it's a nice change of pace, maybe we'll continue it, maybe we'll return to it, maybe we'll extend from it. But we have to kind of decide where to stop and where to continue.