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  1. Hey everyone i'm Punches, in game I'm SgtMaj. Punches but you can just call me punches. I'm known as that guy that follows orders and or try's to do whatever it is within a firefight of 6fps. When i play medic don't move please or you will die lol. Squad Leader me? Well I make decisions apon real life stakes that your lives are in my hands. If someone does something stupid i wont mind routing you out for it for putting your brothers in arms in danger. When I am zeus I try to make as realistic Missions as i can bringing even the most Dysfunctional Squad together to work as one. I enjoy making Sniping Missions and prefer zeus over ground because of my FPS (I am building a new computer soon so that will change) I Tend to try and think out of the box as ops go to make a simple mission and allow the Squads to make there own decisions. How my ops work. I will make a simple mission for you players, seems simple right? read the Briefing, understand it, and follow through with the mission yes? well. Not exactly. I tend to Make a mission that allows whoever is squad leader to make their own decisions on approaching the mission allowing for possible retry and many different ways of completing the mission. If its sneaking in, taking out a high value target, or driving in with a jeep Guns blazing. The Mission is up to your squad leader and to take in account his or her Squad mate's suggestions to cooperate as a squad of brothers looking out for one another. not as a singular unit. Cooperation Is key. Thanks and hope to see you all soon! Punches.
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    Starting Tomorrow 6-7 afternoon Starting, ending around estimated 10-11 afternoon EST I will be Zeusing an Airborne Mission. Feel free to drop by and enjoy some Ops with Friends, and Have some fun, will you be there?
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