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  1. Hey there folks, just thought id take the time for a quick introduction. I go by the name Inquisitor CPL. and recently found your WW2 server for arma 3. Ive been with another arma group called JTF2 for at least the past 3 years or so, not exactly milsim but a mostly serious tactical realism group based on modern day forces. Although I am still dedicated to my own clan and the damn good friends ive made there over the years, me and a few friends have been looking for a little extra arma time on the side to make up for some downtime in our own arma operations. So far we all seem to be really enjoying our time playing with you guys and other pubs on your server, and really enjoying being able to mix it up with some WW2 stuff for a change- and especially enjoyed joining in on the D-Day tribute mission this week. As an arma player with almost 1500 hours-with 99% of that with an organized and trained clan- I appreciate how well you guys can coordinate so many people on a public server the way you do, and even do it without radios! Although at times it can still be chaotic, both myself and several friends have been having a good time and plan on coming back around more in the future. So yeah that's really all I can think of for a quick intro. Not exactly gonna be the next big name in this group but I figured id be enjoying your servers enough that I might as well say hi. Im quite experienced with different mods such as ACE adv medical, taskforce, etc. and would gladly pass on a little knowledge about proper medical usage, proper infantry movement/tactics, or even small things to help cut down on mission prep time or other little things that could help smooth things out a little when you have missions as large as the DDay one, if anyones actually interested of course. So anyway thats my quick little introduction, other than that I guess ill see you guys in game! Cheers
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