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  1. Did i miss the TGG discord link "at bottom of page"?
  2. hmmmm 80's style combat shouldnt be too many lazer night scopes 1000 meter headshots and other modern gadgets, could be fun. "Cold War gone Hot" happens to be a scenario that intrigues me, just 35 years earlier. Just like the ww2 generals advocated for; after ger/jap surrendered they said might as well battle Russia now and get it over with. Ive never been fan of super late war nazi "Vunder Veapons" vs USA scenarios either. Equipment wise it would be easy, all the late war stuff would just carry over and it would be independent vs. opfor easy peasy lemon squeezy. Which leads me into a Korea War theatre, same opfor gear but maybe a combination of IJA skins from Faces of War and Iron Front opfor gear. Probably dont want to get too crazy with required mods but Sabre|637:358&composite-to%3D*%2C*|637%3A358&background-color=black has the F-9 Panther and T-28 (Time period appropriate) for CAS. I cant seem to find any f86 vs mig 15/19 sadly. Im a big believer in placeholders for the sake of trying to get at least something playable in an era. Little Birds could fill in for bell 47's of a M.A.S.H. hospital camp for medics to medevac in and out of. I think we may be stuck with the upgunned shermans that came with a iron front update a while ago against T-55's(?) Plus m-14's for everyone and the fully automatic m-2 carbine!
  3. I'm really into the ww2 here I was hoping you would stick with that for a while. Most groups that do ww2 stuff are passworded and require enlistment. I think you could sustain good numbers moving forward if you keep regular missions going
  4. Wow did the server farm burn to the ground or what?
  5. Thx for the update.
  6. Is the server going to be offline for an extended bit? I was talking it up tosome guys from my old unit, and when they went to check it out it was gone.
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