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  1. Have we been able to sort out Task Force Radio yet?
  2. I am Specialist J. Barrett (AKA Puckvirus121). I severed in the United States Army Reserves as a Cargo Specialist (88H). I served for 6 years, no I have not been over seas. I have spent a few hours in other Casual Realistic Servers on arma. I do not have a issue being a Team Leader or even a Squad leader so long as I am not being expected of too much . I have very many hours logged on Battlefield 2,3, and 4. I am a active player on Rainbow six Siege. I am very confident in my ability to fly an assortment of rotary craft. I hope to better improve my skill at piloting fixed wing aircraft. I work the weekends on the grave shift but I will be available for what ever Monday-Wednesday.
  3. Are there Optic/Scope restrictions for the Sniper loadouts?
  4. Welcome to our website SPC.Barrett!

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