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  1. As you keep saying every time the game is brought in to discussion. Just looking for people to play with, not opinions or reviews on the game.
  2. Hey guys, As most of you will know - Ghost Recon: Wildlands dropped today, I'm looking for people to squad up with. If you're interested, let me know! Btw (despite what others have said) the game is totally worth your money. Loving it so far, just sucks not always having team-mates D: If anyone is interested, you can add me on Uplay via @MrSix64Four or on steam @MrSixFour (picture of left-shark) Hope to see you out there on the Wildlandz, Wildmanz!
  3. A lot of people would probably say not far enough. I get that some folks just can't be bothered but a lot of us want a team that works.
  4. More meat for the meat grinder then, I suppose. Disregard was maybe not the right word, but it's definitely disappointing to see that people don't want to improve their skills. All I have are doubts tbh, doubts that the person I'm out there with can cover my ass, doubts that they'll be able to communicate efficiently with the rest of their squad, doubts that when that guy fired his weapon down range, that he'll actually hit anything. Sorry to harp on, but someone needs to say it.
  5. Disappointing to see such a disregard for this, especially considering people could definitely use the training. Same people will no doubt wonder why they die every two minutes on an op
  6. No worries, bro. I'll add you when I get in. Yeah it is casual but have you played on Extreme mode yet? God damn they've ramped the difficulty up, makes it a lot less casual and more challenging for me at least, but you're right, it's very much what you make of it. Look forward to playing with ya man!
  7. Hey guys, I know this is the ArmA 3 part of the forums, but, given that the two games are similar in the sense they are tactics-orientated military shooters (ArmA isn't really a shooter but you know what I mean) would anyone be down for Squadding up for the Open Beta? I participated in the Closed Beta and found the game to be immensely fun (while suffering from issues), good news is that the Open Beta has some visible changes to optimisation and to difficulty settings [A lot complained that "Ghost" mode was too easy] Anyway, if anyone would like to play, you can add me on Steam @ MrSixFour (Picture of 'LeftShark') or @ MrSix64Four on Uplay View screens of the Beta [and my operator] below (captured on GTX 1070, Ultra settings)
  8. BEST PILOT EU - 2017 By now, the combat missions I've flown are legend of the battlefield, with over 12,000 flight hours and at least ten tacticool cqb knife kills on CoD, I am the unstoppable warrior; the one who not only knocks, but knocks hard, and annoyingly - like the guy with an attitude who delivers your fast food and hates his life. Thinking forever of the lone sorrow contained by one man, stuck in a dead-end job as a Pizza delivery man. "Will Barbara leave me?," "Will she take the kids!?," Why am I going bald!?" Of course, what I just made you read is complete and utter horseshit. Hello, is it me you're looking for? My name is MrSixFour, friends call me 'Six,' 'SixFour,' 'PapaJay,' 'the big wheeler,' and many, many more. I enjoy long walks on the beach etc etc. Silliness aside, I've been invested in the ArmA series since I was a kid and started playing back in 2001 with the PC release of Operation flashpoint. Through maybe the past 6 or so years is really when I started honing my ArmA skills. My skillset includes: - Aviator [Flight Sims/ArmA 3] - Leading a team, through good or bad and efficiently [Aviation/Combat] - Ground combat (specializing in small, effective teams i.e. 'SpecOps,' Recon, Intelligence gathering) - Getting in without the fuss of a full platoon is sometimes a better option. - Tactician/Strategist - Easy to get on with Been in and out of ArmA communities for a few years now and trying to find one with the middleground of not being serious Milsim, and being laid back but not full of trolls. Spoke to a lot of the people here, seem like cool guys and I seem to get on with everyone I have met so far. Look forward to getting you guys in and out of your ops! I realise I've gone on a bit so, yeah... Sorry about that. Still read it though, didn't you? Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. - Sun Tzu [The Art of War]
  9. Welcome to our website MrSixFour!

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