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  1. ARTY at Base on March 6th 2017 after the game is over. Sorry about that, after I heard someone said "that's it for today, you can do what ever you want... " and I saw a high density players in one area, a Trolling mind has take over my head. wasn't think that was still briefing in the area so I Arty the horde of players. Sorry about that decision I made. I promise I will never do that in the sever anymore.
  2. Sup HenryChen1103! This is automated @Proverbs!

    Welcome to our website.  Please feel free to browse around.  We got a calendar page at the top we schedule stuff on. The homepage button is a experimental social stream that IrishInsanity is working on.  If you need any help with anything or have a questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    Also, here's my pictures. What do you think, doesn't the one on the left kind of look like me?