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  1. Whatever it is it needs to be eastern Europe. Can't think of anywhere better than chernerus
  2. Was thinking of doing training sessions on the weekends for any who are interested. You guys rsvp to let us know if we should set it up or not. Not gonna do it if like three people sign up.
  3. Carrying the HVT back to extract and meeting two enemy infantry in the front yard of a house
  4. My name is Dingesskahn, you all probably know me. I stay fairly up to date on older 90's porn stars and what their doing with their lives currently. I've put 1800 hours into arma 3 and have been playing with VG since 1971. I try to stay informed on most methods used in the game in different roles. I'll be the first to tell you that there's alot I don't know but if you have questions in game feel free to hit me up. I'm from West Virginia. Btw Asia Carerra is a stay at home mom that wears colanders on her head for kicks.
  5. 47:00 snap to head shot ray lol
  6. Oh, yep there it is
  7. Youtube took it down ray, was looking forward to seeing it.
  8. If some of you guys were hesitant about joining these, let me be the first to say that this was fun as hell. I'd like to see this become a regular thing. I'll probably be tied up most of this week but as soon as I'm able I intend to drop in on these guys again.
  9. Sup Dingesskahn!

    Welcome to our website.  Please feel free to browse around.  We got a calendar page at the top we schedule stuff on. The homepage button is a experimental social stream that IrishInsanity is working on.  If you need any help with anything or have a questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    Also, here's my pictures. What do you think, doesn't the one on the left kind of look like me?