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    There is a lot to fix and effects i want to add to this but its all in game *THIS IS A WIP* My main focus for this was To a cool kick ass intro and at the end when the cinematic finishes, The music keeps playing but as a radio in the Chopper.
  2. My GT is: Lengthybread409. LOVE THE GROUP!
  3. I have bin working on a new map for the server. Easy for Provo to move to another world and added a lot more to it. Me and tekguygaming have bin testing the map and works well! I just want Provs to try it out and give me some criticism and remove junk. Features: A rappeling mod in map. (Works 90%) Vehicle spawn system to remove clutter Better Arsenal Apex Respawn system Teleport from the carrier to land Teleport To The airfield for other vehicles Rearm area around the Airfield and Carrier Wreck remover around the Carrier Custom view distance Option Added a base building system for defense ops Simple Copy Pasta to new world and everything stays on the Carrier A more advanced Sling loading system. (better at airfield) Working on an intro cut-scene Added radio markers on map by default Working Artillery system for cretin people Negatives: I messed up and saved the map with Ares active. Get it HERE! I am always working on the map and adding things in. I have the Intro locked right now but the regular mission is fine. Get it >drive.google.com<(Its the VG_Ops.*MAP*.pbo ) and place it in your Arma 3\MPMissions. Host a lan server and it should be listed under the *MAP* list. PS The Intro.pbo is a Non apex variants of the map Rahmadi from CUP. Ignore the Sandbox map. ~May the Bread be with you