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  1. Hello everyone, I'm WARCRY. I have just purchased DBO for $29.99 USD. I have been following this game, but not too much. I have watch a few videos of gameplay and reviews. Anyways, enough about that and more about the intro. Well, I'm a 22 years old and have been playing games for quite some time, in-fact I started gaming at the age of 7. Some history of my recent years of gaming. pay attention and stick close, you might get lost. I'll start around 2011. I was playing Counter-Strike: Source as a religion back then and played on so many different servers that I made a ton of friends. I became a lead server administrator for a CS:S Clan [xG] they had 6 active servers and it was pretty interesting to keep them all calm. I was not the only lead admin I had some what of a say in certain decisions, but not many. Shortly after that some drama took place (not with me but the clan itself) within [xG] and I took my leave and never looked back. Later that year I stayed loyal to 1 Server that had a crap ton of good CT vs T regular maps. Shortly after playing on this server I again, became an Admin of yet another CS:S Server. Since then CS in general hasn't been the same and I personally despise the business model of CS:GO and the decision Valve made with the game, Moving on! 2014: I was fascinated by the accomplishments of indie developers for these great games coming onto steam. One game in particular caught my eye, Storm United announced as a F2P Shooter some-time after early access on steam and it reminded me of Planet Side 2, Halo and Call of Duty. This was a game I followed for a very very long time and eventually volunteered to help out on their "IndieDB" page to reply to users who had simple questions. Not too long after that around December 20th of 2014 I became a Customer Support Agent for the studio (volunteered). I did my duties, replied to as many users with reasonable questions as I could. I exceeded in my duties and the owner of this studio went a head and brought me up to "Assistant Community Mananger" (Non-paid). I was absolutely thrilled. Now at the time we didn't have an official CM it was just me and one other guy who was occasionally on. So I did the best I could, sending out E-mails for Youtube reviewers, dedicated supporters and some review websites. Some time went by and I kept on doing what a ACM does, post news, reply to questions, help with game errors and almost everything else. Later that year after we launch in "Early Access" the company went a head and hired a full-time Community Manager, again, I was thrilled to be working with someone who had prior CM experience. We did our thing and everything was going smooth until I popped the "Can I be put on payroll?" question. The owner proceeded to say "I'm sure we can I'll figure something out" keep in mind the company got a $50,000 USD Grant from Epic Games because we were using Unreal Engine 4. So as you all may have guessed by now, I was never added to payroll and ended up leaving the company. I stayed in contact with the Community Manager and recently found out he has left to. I honestly don't know what is happening over there or why but I do wish them the best. So that's a little bit about my gaming experience since 2011. I know I rambled on and I apologize if the post is too long. I hope to play and stay with this community and be a complete noob in BDO. Thanks, WARCRY.