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  1. I have zero interest in BDO but I'll still be around for when you guys do play ArmA III.
  2. I swear on Biooborgs life that I did not edit this poll.
  3. All the RHS Mods now up on the Workshop


    1. Proverbs
    2. TheCrimsonFist


      Took them a while. Didnt know they had Serbian Armed Forces as well. Or is that a special steam release?

  4. until

    Depends on how late I get back, going to see Rogue One on the 17th.
  5. So you all still being gay in WoW?

    1. Proverbs


      yah, but we gonna do a PS thing reunion sometime!

    2. IrishInsanity


      VG stands for Very Gay.

  6. So the light tank in the BF 1 beta is rather good. This'll get nerfed.


    1. Crawdad


      The Dev's already tweeted that you should enjoy it while you could. It is getting a huge nerf.


    2. drehmini


      You know what else needs a nerf? Sniper rifles.

    3. Proverbs


      nice, lets ply sometime lobby ster

  7. So who broke what?

    1. drehmini


      I may have broke everything.

  8. Interesting WWII mod in the works for Squad. Might have to pick this game up at some point.

  9. Do we have a Discord server?

    I'm liking it more for general chatting than TeamSpeak.

    Cant use it for ArmA III though as their isn't support for plugins but it's great for other games.

    1. Railingo


      I don't think we have one, but anyone could make a server and it would be very simple to invite others. 

    2. drehmini


      We don't use discord. We've discussed it in the past, but having both VOIP servers would cause a fracture in the community.

    3. IrishInsanity


      Yeah, just look at the facebook group for example. It's questionalble whether it's helped the community as a whole or not.



    This is an amazing deal if you don't own ArmA III yet.

    1. Grunthos


      Good find, I almost bought it on Steam last night, this is a far better deal. 

  11. until

    I know that. It starts at 7 PM so I'll be 1 hour late.
  12. until

    I don't get off work till 8 PM EST but I can try to show up.
  13. Sea of Thieves looks amazing and we are going to have to play it when it comes out (probably some time in 2017).

    1. drehmini


      It does look really good. I can't wait.

  14. until

    Don't get off work till 8pm EST so probably won't make it.