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Big Update From Proverbs 10/18/2018

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Big update from Proverbs. VG has always been a great place to play a multitude of games with teamwork in mind. The end of 2018 is about to unfold and we actually have quite a few titles to look forward to and some projects.


  1. I’ve been developing my own game, although at a snail's pace, it’s reached a pretty respectable stage where early next year, we plan to finally launch Astaria into an actual Alpha. If you’d like to be a part of it, you’ll receive a special tag and item when the game officially launches. Those of you who helped backed the game, I did not forget about you. You may receive more benefits on release as it comes to it
  2. ArmA 3 has been a great game for us. We’ve been playing it so much since it’s release back in 2012. We’ve successfully grown into the game and launched many campaigns. We’ve played so many different aspects of the game that I believe we’ve truly gotten our money’s worth out of it. Those of you still playing with me since 2012, thank you for the wondrous memories. We don’t plan to stop playing it until late into next year or when ArmA 4 is on the horizon.
  3. Planetside 2 plans to release a new continent that will apparently have bodies of water and the potential of a carrier bastion. Be on the lookout for when I may announce us in playing it.
  4. Some multiplayer games are releasing(early access also) at the end of this year or early next. Some of the games I’m eyeballing for a community of us to play are Division 2(I played it at Pax 2018, very enjoyable), World War 3 which releases tomorrow into early access(I’ve spoken with the devs at Pax 2018), Fallout 76, Star Citizen(3.3 PTU) and Conqueror’s Blade. The list may go on, so for those of you who are a bit more casual and don’t want to get into ArmA, we have many to pick from.
  5. I’ve been contributing to a server emulator for Black Desert Online on a discord and we plan to launch our very own, Black Desert Online private server. The server will be a free version of the official servers(we’ll be behind a couple of updates until we can catch up via development). We plan to make the cash shop very different with prices and how items will be obtained and how exp will be created. Basically, if you didn’t want to grind your eyes out or hated the idea of losing hours of progress to RNG, relax no further. We plan to make “Validus Desert Online” much more accessible to players. No need to grind hours a week to get to where you want to be. The exp rates will be jacked up, certain item drop rates will be increased. This server will also be open to non Validus members as well.
  6. This upcoming 2019 summer. I will be hosting the very first official “ValidusIRL” meet up. If successful enough, we will plan to do one every year or every other year. Time and place to be decided. Start saving money gentlemen! If you live out of country, the event will be livestreamed and filmed.
  7. We’re expanding our scope of what Validus is. In order for us to accomplish what we like done, we’ve been appointing community members who’ve proven themselves to higher positions. If you’d like to help in any of the mentioned points, please feel free to contact me or any moderator via discord. We’re always happy to accept more logistical help or developmental help.

Thank you for a wonderful year and more to come!

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