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Arma 3 Server Status

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Hello and welcome, as you may have noticed ValidusGamers is back into Arma 3 running World War 2 operations once again. In this iteration it is myself, Proverbs, and Stroytov goal to actually grow the community in the Arma 3 perspective at least in to a proper Arma 3 Unit. While this won't be as strict as most mil-sim in you have to follow extreme measures to play with us we do ask that you follow these simple rules above all else : 1. No teamkilling what so ever during any op or debrief (this rule will end once the zeus says debrief is over) ,2. If a squad leader gives you an order you may make suggestions but do not flat out argue over it, 3. When a [MOD]/[Admin] tag say to drop something drop it you may bring it up later in or after debrief (if it involves an issue you feel we need to address poke a mod/admin and we will listen and discuss it at a later date) , and lastly 4. We are here to have fun so just enjoy it we are not a full on mil-sim unit if you want to learn ask most of us will be willing to teach.

Also currently for Official VG ops only Myself/Stroytov/Proverbs are main VG Zeuses. Other Zeuses are able to lead ops when an official is not scheduled but do not base their ops on VG standards they may be new Zeuses or not used to our set-up. During this time if you haven't already joined the discord be sure to join the ValidusGamers Steam group for notifications on op times. 

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