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ArmA 3 SOP + Required Knowledge.

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So a lot has been asked about our basic standard operating procedure. Despite being casual, we do require you go through a basic course if you're new to the game. This is required for all players to attend. Although you may skip thisĀ if you can show us from that you're familiar with ACE and things. But it is still recommended you read the basic to understand the way things are done. Each group has their own way of doing things and this is ours:

Here is the Standard Operating Procedure.

We're going to offer advanced infantry orientations as well but these will be for everyone.

In order to attend a SOP Training, you must contact one of the Instructors or me to set a time to get familiarized. This is required knowledge for all previous members and new members as well. Please check the calendar for times.

The reason I've decided this is the amount of new ArmA 3 players there are will allow us to get them familiar with the game before jumping into a game directly. Mainly as a courtesy to other players so we aren't held up.

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