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World of Astaria - Project I'm working on. Lore, Inspiration and Vision!

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So I've been working on a unity project in the recent months. You guys got to hop on a test version of it recently. It's still being worked on but I just wanted to finally put out my vision of the project. This is the lore and base concept of the game.

World of Astaria(Lore)

Before the world was born, 3 dimensional planes existed. Each dimensional plane has it's own properties and demi-god who presided over each area. Terra was the god of land. Kael was the god of the sky. Pontus was the god of the sea. As time went on, each god wanted to spend time together. So they came together and sacrificed a portion of their abilities to create a 4th plane to coexist with one another, one that would share all properties of each dimension. Thus, the World of Astaria was born.

This world has influences from each plane, Terra brought the dirt and trees, Kael brought the sky and the sun, Pontus brought the Sea. The demi-god's  began to bring their own children from each plane into the world of Astaria in hopes of an everlasting paradise. The sea-faring nomads and creatures whose affinity abided by the Sea are the children of Pontus. The dwarves of the mountain and elves of the forest are the children of Terra. Humans of the sky are the children of Kael. Thus, each demi-god opened a gate to the shared World of Astaria. The World of Astaria was meant to be a Paradise.

As many generations had passed, so did the respect and knowledge in the creation of Astaria. Eventually, the existence of the demi-gods had become legends, myths or even falsified religions. This threw the entire world into borders, violence, control, politics, hysteria and chaos. Without the influence of each demi-god to lead their people to peace, the world was thrown into a dark age.

During this dark age, the thoughts of many, whom have perished, began harboring hate towards life. This hate began to accumulate due to the widespread murder, war and famine. This drove the collected dark energy into the World of Astaria that none of the Gods knew about. The darkness began to manifest itself in many forms, from ghost, to demons to even people.

The three gods, not aware of the darkness began to blame each other. The hate fueled the darkness and allowed it to enter the planes in which these gods resided. The darkness corrupted each realm. The three gods finally noticing that within their own homes was the darkness, spreading. They combined their already fading power in attempt to abolish the hate. But the darkness had already become too much, too powerful. It even continued to manifest from the World of Astaria. Kael had finally came to an ultimatum. To destroy the World of Astaria, as he saw it as a failed world. Kael had begun to channel his inner power in preparation to expend his energy to destroy the World of Astaria and the darkness with it. Terra stepped into the clouds in which Kael had resided and got in the way of Kael. Terra pushed Kael's Sword of the Light into the sky above Kael's home. This caused the energy to create the Sun.

Kael pushed Terra aside and banished her from ever entering the world of the sky. Saddened by this, Terra griefs within her own plane of existence. Pontus visits Terra and asks her if there is anything he can do. Terra replies "Pontus, the grief within my heart. I wish for it to go away. This pains me in ways I never thought possible." Pontus realizing that Terra had her powers already waning from the grief, he blesses her with the ability to cry. Pontus leans in to hold Terra close. Thus Terra filled her lands with rivers from her tears. These tears would run down her cheek onto Pontus. The rivers on Astaria would always eventually come out to an ocean.

Pontus sickened by what he saw in Terra and the extreme measure in which Kael had treated the World. Kael returned to Astaria to meet Pontus. In between the two planes, the two demi gods began to do battle and fought eachother. Pontus created the Leviathan, a trident forged to kill gods. He met against Kael whose Sword of the Light was equal in power. Whenever the two weapons clashed, lightning would strike under a storm in Astaria. Through this fight, shards of power began to fall onto many inhabitants of Astaria.

These shards of power allowed many to control smaller powers of the gods. Many began to seek to control the shards as they began to appear throughout the lands. Some wanted to worship, some wanted to keep it locked away, some wanted to use it for their own, others wanted to destroy them.

This is the setting of the world, gods fighting each other, darkness spreading throughout the land, corruption of the many kingdoms, war creating endless amounts of death. You enter this world as a spark of light, one spark among many. Together, you will brave this world in hopes of beating back the darkness.


A MMORPG with heavy emphasis on only progressing in groups.

  1. Party focused - So the game will be centered around partying up. You'll rarely venture to areas outside of towns by yourself. Adventuring alone will make you think about your routes, your areas of travel that provide the most safe route.
  2. Dangerous World - The world of Astaria is about sticking together. This philosophy doesn't only apply to players, it also applies to monsters. They don't simply roam by themselves in areas, they will "patrol" areas in groups. They will attempt to raid villages even. Dangerous boss mobs won't be in a lair all the time, they will also be roaming at times looking for areas and following patrols even.
  3. Dying means you lose things - Dying will result in losing your gear, your spark will take time to revisit your body, and potentially losing experience/levels if you die enough.
  4. Weight in items - Items are not cheap, weapons are not cheap, armor is not cheap. Buying a simple Iron Sword will be something you greatly need to work towards. Having even a magical sword can prove to be something you want and need to hold onto.
  5. Discover Astaria's Story- Discover and unfolding storyline in the World of Astaria.



  • MMO's and RPG's - A lot of influence came from single player RPG's that threw a cast of likable characters at you and many other MMORPG's. I want to talk about Dragon Age, the first one. As I played the title, I began to want to explore the world as a group in hopes of defending villages from the "dark spawn". I wanted to have that weighty feeling that what I did that night, saved a small village out of 100. I wanted to slowly inch progressively and feel like I'm actually struggling to keep the dark spawn at bay. That is where I felt the need and want for that. Instead Dragon Age sped up the process for me, it skipped the struggle for me. It skipped to a week play through where I'm spoonfed storyline every 5-10 minutes of battle. My character stated that they struggled the hero's journey. I did not quite agree. I also played games like Ultima Online and Darkfall. These titles offered the weighty feeling of items. Buying a Steel Katana in Darkfall felt surreal. It felt like I held a real one in my hands. It didn't feel like a stat stick. It felt like it tore the enemy asunder, but also if I wasn't careful, I could lose my hard earned weapon. World of Warcraft and Ragnarok Online's Social aspect taught me the game was about the social aspect of MMO's. The games can ultimately help you find friends who would be willing to experience a fun "struggle" to win.
  • Books and Movies - Many books and movies tell of a great struggle. Many video games today are made to be experienced with a struggle but does not directly affect something. Books and movies tell of a struggle very well, they outline that the character goes through a long timed obstacle that affects the outcome. Books like the Lord of the Rings have greatly influenced my childhood. An example is the Ringwraiths that chased Frodo and company to the human town. You wouldn't be able to get that "chase" feeling out of many MMORPG's. The experience feels the same. As an early level, you're catered to generally "early level" areas. This creates this experience where you never truly struggled to rise through the ranks of being a muddy peasant. These early level creatures should always pose a threat if not taken seriously, especially in groups. Some of the movies that I've always felt the love to watch is the Fast and Furious, they might be beating a dead horse but damn do they create this sense of "Teamwork" in the movies. It feels nice to see a group pull something off by combining talent and covering each other's shortcomings.
  • Anime - The biggest influence I've recently had was probably Grimgar. It was an amazing anime to watch. The way the creator portrayed the gritty aspect of "if mmorpg's were real life". It was great to watch. The characters struggled with personality clashes, decisions, dealing with death of party members. It outline a true struggle of a lowly "grunt" instead of a struggle of a "chosen one/hero" style. Sword Art Online really outlines the struggle as well but a bit less due to the fact that the main character was a "Chosen one/hero" style character. Forcing a player through struggle but finding safety among other players adds to this element of fun. This is where the influence from some of the anime's drove in.

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