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Tanoan Ops: Intel Compiliation

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I've compiled the main pieces of intel, I managed to uncover during the Operations on Tanoa. Photos and sensitive documents revealed much of both the Tanoan Nationalist Brigade and Syndikat's ties with a number of minor organizations and Private Companies. However, out of all their associations, their main "benefactors" so to speak was CSAT who largely supplied weapons and ammunition. From what I gathered though, from blacked out and partially censored files, Syndikat had been in contact and gradually receiving more frequent aid from an unknown Third Party (Although with recent events on Tanoa, we can clearly guess who that was).

This third party appears to have brokered the original "alliance" between CSAT and Syndikat but the former was swiftly eliminated from the scene, shortly after ours and NATO's arrival on Tanoa. Furthermore, files made several references to Stratis, Takistan and two "Hubs" located in both Afghanistan (made no mention of exact location) and Europe (again no exact location, although references to "Friends in Switzerland", suggests it maybe Mid or Southern Germany. From our first encounter with the Third Party (now believed to be the rumoured org "Black Order"), intel from a secret FOB, disguised as a Lumberyard has revealed another location, near Sydney, Australia. Why a possible global Terrorist Organisation has decided to set up base here, is largely speculative at best. The geographical location makes it ideal for at least supplys and smuggling.

The following is the collection of files, photos and documents, uncovered in operations against Syndikat and the Nationalists. I've placed them in the order of when they were uncovered for convienience. Where there are gaps, hopefully our computer and technical resources shall be able to fill them in over the coming weeks, thus obtaining a larger and concise picture. Suffice to say, we have only scratched the surface, for we have stumbled upon a conspiracy that reaches far beyond Tanoa...




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NB: Contains spelling errors. Will be editing and updating as new entries are added.

Intel Dump 1

Date of Initial Discovery: 16th February 2037

Location: Belfort

Content: A couple transcripts of a conversation between CSAT, Syndikat and Unknown Third Party (Possibly BO) and a single photo of Solomon Maaru at an unknown location.

Transcript 1: Syndikat furious at being charged higher prices for CSAT equipment. Third Party arrives to mediate before things get out of hand.

Persons: [][][][][][][][][][][] ([][][][][][][][]), Arkhentoros (Synd)*, Zu Wheng Xao (CSAT PAC)

Subject: Price Renegotiations/Supply Discounts

Record Date: 29th December 2036 (6 weeks before NATO invasion of Tanoa)

Length: 12m:36s:04


ZWX: Any reason for this spontaneous gathering?

AKTRS: I believe you know where this is going...

ZWS: This again? I have tried countless to reassure Mr Maaru but as-

AKTRS: General Maaru to you!

ZWS: Fine! Fine! General Maaru then. As I have attempted to explain to your General, there is no feasible way of lowering the prices. Market values are in turmoil, as you know, what with the decline EU hegemony and the near collapse of its single market.

AKTRS: I'm not surprised, with CSAT's valuing procedures. Selective or otherwise...

ZWS: What are you infering Tanoan?

AKTRS: You've been lying to us Captain. You and your CSAT rats you call a High Command.

ZWS: What? *Recorder Picks up snort (of laughter?)* What is this?

AKTRS: Oh I believed you knew where this meeting was going?*Voice raises in volume* The General has called in a few favours and requests, from his old comrades of the former AAF and CLA (Chenaurus Liberation Army). They're aware of you dealings with them and neighbouring Takistan and the Peoples of Sahrani.

ZWS: Allow me-

AKTRS: *Interrupts*-With the exception of the CLA, you've been selling the same supplies and weaponry to these nations FOR NEARLY THREE TIMES LESS then the fucking extortionate shit you've been making us cough up? What is the meaning of this exactly *Recording glitch* under the fantasy that we all swing from trees, bathe in jungle pools and rest on beds of leaves that we wouldn't realise eventually that we're being fucking ripped off?

*Pause* 30s

ZWS: I can see why this may have upset you and the General...

AKTRS: May have!

ZWS: But please let me elaborate. You must comprehend at least that not all geo-political areas, may necessarily all share the same...ahh...conditions as Tanoa. That's not to say that they don't possess simalarites. Of course they do. Nor does it mean that they're worse then your predicaments or that they take greater precedent. However, with these diverse socio-economic and political contexts, prices of course may deviate from the market. After all from CSAT's point of view, the market is merely a template, a guideline if you will, from which to draw reference and make adjustments according to the situation, unlike our western counterparts who practically worship it as God and follow it's capricious whims and randomness.

AKTRS: Ahh now I understand. So this "Template" you describe, involves drawing reference from a chart and then deciding, oh hey, we can rob them of this amount?

ZWS: You are so crass with you accusations-

AKTRS: But I'm not wrong am I?


ZWS: Look, I refuse to further debate, elucidate and further reassure you General of the complications and complexities, surrounding our "transactions". We've done enough on that front. All I will say is that whatever led to this decision to name our prices for Syndikat and TRB (Tanoan Revolutionary Brigade), deliberations which mind you I was not at all privy too, is ultimately why prices are what they are. That was and still is the final decision and there is little I or anyone else can do.

AKTRS: Bullshit! Prices fluctuated with the flashpoint on Altis and Chenarus. We demand the same discounts of 21% for HPRs and at least 28% for all Pistols and SMGs.

ZWS: Don't be absurd. The situation on Tanoa has nothing in common with those two, which warrants any kind of discount.

AKTRS: Oh but didin' you say just now that their predicaments were no more worse off then ours or that they weren't completely dissimilar? I'd say a revolutionary war would count as a "diverse socio-economic and political context". All the more so, seeing as you magically think that an Island of simple workers and peasants who live off make sell rum, sugarcane, lumber and fish for a living are somehow affluent enough to purchase arms and armour and fucking obstinate rates!

ZWS: *Raised/Aggressive Voice* You are twisting what I have said now!. You have no understanding of how modern economics function, do you? Primitive!

AKTRS: ENOUGH TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE IN NUMBERS! First the French, then the British and now you! In everything, we "primitives" are shafted and fucked over and over by colonialists and just because you have slits for eyes, doesn't guarantee you immunity from the same criticisms leveled at your western counterparts, you piss-coloured chink!

[Volume exceeds acceptable levels of Transcription device. Partial shutdown results in skipping of audio recording]

*Sound of Door Opening. Volume levels lower, Recorder resumes full transcription protocols*

[][][][][][][]: Hope I haven't walked into anything.

ZWS: No. No you haven't. Simple mindless cussing to and fro-

AKTRS: [][][][][][] I hope you'r aware of what he and CSAT have been doing.

[][][][][][]: That CSAT have been at it again and overcharging their "clients" for surplus arms?

*Dismissive Snort (ZWS?)

AKTRS: You know then?

[][][][][][]: I heard you both shouting as I was entering the premises. (Amused grunt (AKTRS)) Not that I am suprised of course. The CLA weren't particulary enthused as I recall back-

*Recording cuts*

[][][][][][]: point of my coming here was originally was to inform both of you personally, well to General Maaru originally but you'll do, that [][][][][][][][][][][] *Recording Cut* is now set up and ready. We can proceed now with dri[][][] *Recording glitch* ocols immediately.

ZWS: Indeed that is excellent news. Well Colonel Arkhentoros, it seems you won't be needing the fish, lumber, rum or sugar soon enough. High Command will happily substitute paper for [][][][][][]. Then perhaps you might learn basic diplomacy.

[][][][][][]: Colonel if I may. No doubt the news will come as a welcome and of course, celebotory relief for Solomon but I and my Company could help sweeten the deal and add the Cherry on top.

AKTRS: Umhmm. Continue?

[][][][][][][]: If what you say is true and the evidence uncovered, prooves CSAT's underhandedness in your various transactions with them, I believe [][][][][][] could approve a solution of mine, which would avoid any embarrassment and deterioration in our mutual alliance.

ZWS: You have my attention also. Go on.

[][][][][][][]: As we said, when brokered this partnership back at [][][][][][][] on [][][][][][][][], in the closing days of the flashpoint, our business prides itself on mutual aid and equal satisfactions for all parties concerned. Therefore we are more than willing to not only compensate Syndikat AND the TRB but we'll ease some of the pressure of CSAT's obligation to provide.

ZWS: Pressure?

[][][][][][][]: Your high command will have to accept one day, that the CSAT way of "business" is not doing particularly well Captain. Floundering would be too light a word.

ZWS: That's-

[][][][][][][][]: But I suppose that's a vice inherent in all major powers, rather than being limited to the USA and its NATO vassels.

*Murmurs of agreement*

[][][][][][][]: Anyway back to the point. We would be happy to more than compensate on behalf of the Captain's superiors here and make up for lost funds. Bear the cross so to speak. This way CSAT can use the funds more directly and for the greater benefit of all of us, should operations here succeed and no harm in relations need occur.

AKTRS: Tantalising [][][][][][] but you put the cherry on top, merely sweetened the deal.


[][][][][][][]: Sharp you are Arkhentoros. In addition to that, we'll ease CSAT's burdens and supply you, direct and with no extra hassle, arms from our own stock and at decent prices.

ZWS: I have to draw a line in the sand here. You are directly encroaching upon highly discreet and vital infrastructure, pivotal for CSAT operations in the Pacific.

[][][][][][][]: In other words, friendly competition with a business rival. Welcome to the free market Captain. And you were chastising the Colonel here for his lacking of market finances. Besides think of the operations here. You keep the money, diplomatic incident free and should [][][][][][][][][] yield the goods, all of us will be left high, dry and rather comfortable no?

ZWS: I suppose then, putting it that way, there's little option left. Of course I will have to relay this to HQ but I personally see no reason why they wouldn't acceed.

[][][][][][][]: Very good. And you Arkhentoros.

AKTRS: We would be mad to decline such an offering.

[][][][][][][]: Splendid.

AKTRS: So long as there is no catch.

[][][][][][]: No! No! No catch I promise you.

AKTRS: Then it's settled.

[][][][][][][]: Excellent. One more more thing Arkhentoros. I *recording cuts* to ask you, Maaru's thoughts on another proposal. Sort of a middle man affair.

ZWS: Oh what's this now. You're asking to become General Maaru's legal representative?

[][][][][][][]: Not quite, more advisor and go-between. Perhaps needed more than ever, given the near coming to blows wouldn't you think? Anyway never you mind.


ZWS: Well I must be returning to base. I shall relay what has transpired. You should have your answer in the next 12-16 hours [][][][][][][].

*Sound of door opening*

[][][][][][][][]: Anyway as I say, I don't wish be a colonial master style overseer but someone who can provide a helping hand or advice should events transpire and the need arises.

AKTRS: Very well. I'm sure Solomon would agree.

[][][][][][][]: Good! *Volume drops. Recording only picks up parts of whisper* Then----------about----------lat-----nite? And----------ral Maar------with you-----------------------.



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Transcript 2: Arms Log, confirming weapons shipment from [][][][][[][] to Syndikat and the TRB (text is slightly worn)

Persons: Gen. Maaru, [][][][][][][]

Subject: Arms Shipment: Confirmation of shipment+Invoice

Record Date: 14th January 2036 (2 days before NATO invasion of Tanoa)


As arranged previously, this is confirmation of [][][][][][][][] shipment of the agreed armament contents, signed for seven days previously. Cargo should arrive hopefully in the next two-three days. The TRB have agreed to contribute a portion of their funds, thus eliminating any need on your part to subsidise them.

Please find attached to this the invoice for the overall payment and shipping of cargo. As promised we have included a 33% discount + 5% discount on shipping.

I hope this provides proof of our good faith, further to our private discussions ***{nite a couple weeks back.

May we do business again in the very near future,



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Transcript 2: CLASSIFIED-Partially Blacked Out/destroyed Document- Taken from a dead Viper Commando in latter days of Tanoan Campaign

Persons: ZWS, [email protected]@** (Unreadable- Possible immediate Subordinate to Viper Captain Zu Wheng Xao?) Fur legibility purposes, person shall be known as Y.

Subject: ////////******]]]

Record Date: Unknown-References in text however, suggest mere hours before NATO's invasion of Tanoa.






@@}{{}}}}}{}{}{]]]]] ERROR UC1701603633B778992N-Record Driver Not found.

TRANSCRIPT RESUME: PARTIAL LOSS OF RECORDED CONTENT (Intel Note: Due to partial destruction of document and suspected encryption, we are unable to fully translate into English)

Y: 計算藍色干預前6小時

ZWS: 失敗! 知道我們不能指望他們的猶豫很長時間。 協議是否在位?

Y: 是船長。 移動帖子已設置並準備就緒。 我們只等待你的話激活。

ZWS: 好。 當他們擊中時通知我

Y: -------*&*&*&*&{}{}{}{}-------(ERROR! RECORD CUT)... 看船。 似乎他們在裝載什麼東西之前卸載。 懷疑... ----***((((ERROR)

ZWS: 我們附近有特殊的潛水隊嗎?


ZWS: 刪除所有可辨別的標記。 標誌,補丁,一切。 攔截那艘船! 我想知道...




Y: Estimate six hours before blu....** intervention

ZWX: DAMMIT. Knew we couldn't rely on their hesitancy [for long]. The [pathological] need to barge in is great with them. Are the de[fensive] protocols in place?

Y: Yes Captain. Observation Posts and Mobile Zones are set up and ready. We await only on your word for activation.

ZWX: Good. Inform me of when they finally hit-.

Y: One...........Saw boat. Appears they were unloading.....loading something else back on.

ZWX: Do we have a Special Diver Team nearby?

Y: Yes not far fr......

ZWX: Ready them up. Remove any indentifiable markings, patches, badges, all of it. Order them to intercept that ship! I want to kno...]] - Text cannot be translated further.



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