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Tanoa Campaign 2/16/2017 [COMPLETED]

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Tanoa Campaign has been completed.

  • Our objective to head to Tanoa was to stabilize the region of Syndikat activity and capture Solomon Maru.
  • Syndikat has killed over 2300 civilians with mostly bombs going off in NATO held towns.
  • Validus has inflicted the total of 1400 Syndikat Soldiers Casualties. This is almost 50% death rate inflicted to the enemy's 3000 known Syndikat Soldiers.
  • Validus has inflicted over 300 soldier deaths to CSAT.

We were able to do this through a series of key raids on multiple safe houses, capture lieutenants. and capture intel regarding the Syndikat. We knew they were funded by CSAT.

Validus combined with MARSOC and NATO battled the CSAT presence on the island along with the Syndikat Gang to stabilize the region for the local populace.

The key battles of the south-east island was important to make sure CSAT presence was forced out. NATO bombardment and many other assaults took place to remove CSAT influences. Once CSAT was removed, Syndikat was the remaining enemy to be taken out.

With NATO support, Validus moves to surgically remove key weapon caches first. Ultimately, disarming Syndikat forces on mainland Tanoa. The next step was to move into Georgetown and come into contact with the weapons dealer "Magellan".

Magellan meets with the Tier 1 Operators of Validus in a Georgetown Undercover Operation called "Hidden Spider". Tier 1 Operators disguised as Tanoa Civilians gather intel and hit multiple safehouses within Georgetown revealing the location of documents and photos that lead to the potential location of Solomon Maru.

After "Hidden Spider" was successful, Tier 1 Operators needed to know when Solomon would be at, at certain times. The next operation was to attack the town of Belfort and await key lieutenants to enter safehouses within Belfort and await their login to the laptop networks the Syndikat uses. Operation Double Sided was underway. Validus suffered heavy casualties moving onto the northwestern island which was under heavy Syndikat control. But nonetheless, the intel was retrieved and we now knew when Solomon would be at and where.

With Syndikat almost to it's knees, Validus moves to the northwest island with a Joint Operation between NATO and Validus to secure the northwestern island with Tuvannaka, the known Syndikat hotbed and headquarters. Operation Fire was underway and despite heavy fighting, NATO and Validus suffered light casualties taking the island from the Syndikat control.

With the enemy stronghold out of the way. Validus moves to secure a special machine sold by an unknown arms dealer to the Syndikat. Validus rescues a special hacker nicknamed "Navajo" captured by the Syndikat in order for them to use the machine. The machine turned out to be a super computer with capabilities beyond most to shut down the network systems of many countries. Navajo was rescued by a small recon team while the actual super computer was secured by an assault team. This is the second most heavy fighting of the campaign. Heavy casualties on both sides were hit here. Validus was finally able to secure the machine and lift it out. The Tier 1 Operators were finally evacuated before being overrun by an enemy QRF.

Validus finally had only one mission left to stabilize the region and beat the Syndikat. That was to go after Solomon himself. Intel revealed he would be at one of two locations. Both teams moved into to secure both safe houses easily. Both teams revealed Solomon was not at either of his locations. Documents at both sites reveal an attack underway into Georgetown to release chemical weapons to the island. Both teams raced to St Julien where Solomon Maru was confirmed to be at by Tanoa Gendarmarie. The northside of Georgetown was already under Syndikat control, all remaining Syndikat began converging on that location and attacking the Validus and NATO forces moving in.

Under heavy fire, Validus was able to secure the route in, capture Solomon and disarm the bombs. Solomon was later tried and executed. Syndikat forces begin to disband one by one or aggressively removed by remaining CTRG forces.

Tanoa had been liberated. But Solomon Maru's ledger has him buying from an unknown Arms Dealer in Kunduz Afghanistan, receiving funds from a group in Australia, and contacts from the ongoing conflict in Taunus, Germany.

The next target? Await for Validus to announce it's next move.

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