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UPDATE 9/12/2016

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Put items in guild bank. The guild needs to be stocked and ready for raiding. The bank is taking anything that can be used for raiding, from green items that can be disenchanted to crafted gear or raid flasks.

With the new raid releasing next tuesday, players intending to participate in heroic raiding are expected to their item levels up to 840. Additionally it is expected that you watch videos of the fights to know them before hand as well have a good understanding of how to play your class and specialization correctly. Proverbs highly encourages you to check multiple sources, for example: Icy Viens, Noxxic MMO champion, official WoW forums and so on. Lastly if there is something you don't understand or need help with. Just ask.

Currently there is a guild wide gear push going on until the raids release. Mythic dungeons will be run throughout the rest of the week to help get guild members geared up for raiding.

The normal raid team roster is now open for sign ups. Minimum expected item level for eligibility is 830. (See this thread for more details)

Proverbs will be hosting a Chris Metzen memorial service in Everspring by the lake later in the week. If you plan to attend please remove armor and weapons and wear a formal transmogrification. Thrall will be there. Further details will be posted by Proverbs.

Weekly gold raffle. Each participant puts in 2k gold. No more no less. Winner is drawn through random number generator. Talk to @Nrin for more details.



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