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UPDATE 9/6/2016

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If you didn't know it already.  Validus Gamers is in World of Warcraft: Legion!  The guild is on the Bleeding Hollow server, the faction is the Alliance.  The guild plans to do both PvE and PvP content. You can expect heroic raiding, rated battle grounds and, with a lot of world content, plenty of outdoor PvP.  For raiding the intention is to eventually progress into mythic raiding if the guild does well enough.  Talk to @Proverbs for additional information.  For information about rated battlegrounds check our WoW sub forums for updates by @Misslunaa.

Legion has a lot of content, from leveling your artifact to unlock unique class talents and perks, individual class specialization quests, profession quests, random world drop legendary items, world bosses, PvP only talents unlocked through kills with the ability to prestige for cosmetic rewards, mythic dungeons with mobs that have randomly generated attributes that change the way you have to run the dungeon every time, world quests, to world bosses that will be the cause of some big PvP fights.  Simply put, this is not an expansion where you sit in town or at your garrison all day.  

It's really simple to get into World of Warcraft. If you buy World of Warcraft: Legion you get a free level 100 character boost that can be used on any character.  If your indecisive you can trial classes that are level 100 and run the new tutorial that blizzard made to see what you like playing before you use your level 100 character boost.  You do not need to own the previous expansions to play. Buying Legion gives you all the other expansions. World of Warcraft: Legion cost $49.99.

You should also know that the Bleeding Hollow server is 69.9% Horde to 30% Alliance. We're outnumbered but that's never stopped us before. Reference:





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