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UPDATE 6/17/2016

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We no longer play Black Desert Online. A number of factors have contributed to the reason for this. Castle siege content was delayed long past the expected time for it's delivery. When we started playing BDO we had the intention of attempting to become a high end PvP guild so a lot of time was invested into gearing up and staying competitive against other guilds. Unfortunately due to the way the game is designed, you can never really reach a certain point where you can stop grinding gear and just focus on fun. On top of that, content that changes and adds new items to the game is released with only a days notice. So of course eventually a lot of our members got burnt out on the game. Work we put into being ready for castle sieges would suddenly become over turned by a new update that adds new armor or weapons that are better than what we already had. The majority of us agreed that the game was becoming more and more stressful like a chore and not any fun anymore so we stopped playing it.


We no longer have a MMO to play as a large group. However in the mean time, while we wait for something else or search for a new MMO, Proverbs is in the process of creating a ARMA 3 campaign for us to play. If you don't know what ARMA 3 is, it's a massive military combat sandbox game on steam. It's more intricate than your average shooter and slower paced but it can be really fun to play in with a group of friends. 


Here's a link to the ARMA 3 Campaign event that starts on July 1st.

In between now and July 1st we will be playing ARMA 3 sporadically to get ready for the campaign. Feel free to join in on any of those sessions to get your game set up and working and or to practice playing as a team. 

 If you have any further questions or concerns talk to Proverbs on Teamspeak or just PM him on this site.


To end this post here's a nice picture of DarkAvengerx7 and Proverbs that someone, can't remember who made this, photo shopped.



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