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Meeting Notes 4/13/2016

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-More guild missions. At least two missions in the morning. Two missions in the evening.

-Use the RSVP feature on the website on events in the calendar. Check the website at least every other day to stay up to date and informed.

-Expect more guild verse guild fights on the weekends for practice. We already have a few set for this weekend, check calendar.

-Make and effort to hit level and AP/DP goals. These will be updated regularly on the website by Proverbs, be on the look out for this. Goals will be updated every two weeks roughly.

-Sister guild will be made within the next few days. The guild's creation got delayed.


*Anyone who has not made the April 13th goals needs to contact Proverbs by Friday the 15th. 

*New level goal. Level 55 by next Saturday the 23rd. If you can't make this talk to Proverbs.

-Guild Scrims on Monday.

-Next guild meeting will be on April 23rd.

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