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Meeting Notes 3/26/2016

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Meeting notes 2/26/2015


Switching to hardcore. Step it up and get to level 55.


Castle Sieges delayed? Mediah expected to come out very soon. Probably before Castle Sieges.


Recruitment, need to recruit more active members. Need a bigger backline. Not taking anymore warrior or valks unless they are 50.  Absorb more guilds. Poach members.


Guild v Guild: More coms talk more. Voice activation debate. Drehmini Triggered.


Any event on the calendar now has to be RSVPed. This is for leaders so they can make appropriate plans based on the # of RSVPs.


Goal in 5 weeks. DP req raised to 160. AP is 120.


Proverbs is streaming full time.

Arma and Squad nights will start next month.

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