Meeting Notes 3/2/16

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        Rules for new guys
            When guild events are going on you have to come one teamspeak
        It's ok to slow down recruitment
            Guild running out of slots
    Will be setting up secondary guild
        Primary will have 100+ slots for the serious PvP, mission, etc
        Secondary guild will stay low member count until needed
        Node wars starting soon
            Will be participating
        Castle Wars
            May participate, but not expecting to do very well on the first one against guilds like Gatekeeper, Risen
    Guild Missions
        Did a dry run
        Will be ready to do better ones now
        Will do guild missions all day Saturday and Sunday
        Players sub 30 should focus on grinding
        Gear up and Grind up to get ready
        Will be doing Kill missions
        Gaining members quickly
        Primary guyild may get filled before secondary one is up
        Players who don't play may get replaced due to the contract system
            this DOES NOT MEAN you are getting removed, just hop on teamspeak and ask to get put back in
            It's not because we have activity requirements, but we're trying to get guild points fast, you're always free to come back
            Will only get removed if we need the room
        We are expecting ar least 90% attendance rate (90/100) for the early guild PvP fights
        Be on it
        You NEED to RSVP using the calendar system for guild Events

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Just some missing information from what I can recall :P

Guild Missions

+ Focusing mainly on gathering quests for now
+ To participate in kill missions please be above level 35



+ Guild will be listed as a Casual guild until sister guild is opened
+ Main guild is for the more hardcore selection of members (ex. playing 3days+ a week)
+ Avoid giving out guild information to other players/guilds (member count, history etc.)



+ If you are looking into focusing on the cooking and alchemy professions contact @Crawdad



+ RSVP for the sieges and node wars is not in place to annoy anyone, but to help @Proverbs formulate a plan so the guild can be successful in such events



+ Please follow the guides in the Information Dump ( to get to lvl 50 faster
+ Please complete the Google Docs Form that will contain your Class and Username (This is Mandatory)



+ The main guild will have negative karma so please brace yourself because you may lose your gear and or enhancements on your gear upon death (may only be for PvP death)
+ You are free to kill whomever you seem fit to


Kayne West for President 2020
All Hail Proverbs our Lord and Saviour

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