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Meeting 2/27/16

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Meeting Notes - 2/27/2016

Rainbow 6 Siege
	Were considering playing as a group
		Draft Style in-house tournaments instead of playing randomly with PUGS
	Currently priced at full ($60)
		Holding off on this for now
		Maybe wait until it's cheaper/on sale
	Been tracking, early access previously wasn't really worth it, there may be more now
	Still wouldn't be a primary game
	Holding off on this for now as well
		March 18th is a temporary date, we likely try it out then
Arma 3
	Arma 3 nights will be returning
		No exact date, but likely before Squad (March 18th)
	Don't want to do PvE for now
		Easier to get people into PvP
		People were always on different stages in terms of mods and stuff, always took forever to actually get the games started
Black Desert Online - EDAN SERVER
	Make sure to be on the NA Servers
	Primary Goals
		PvP focused Community
			Obtain Castle
			Have to fill ranks back up to Planetside numbers
			Currently sitting at around 50 people in meeting
			Everybody needs to be seeking out new players
				We will set up some sort of guest pass system so that people can try the game out (guest pass gives 7 days, given to people who preordered)
			Proverbs will be setting up Clan
				Will convert to Guild later, but Clan should be up on Day 1 (sunday 28th)
			Everyone will have guild invite priveledges
				Do not just mass invite
				People invited are expected to have been on the website and teamspeak and other general guild expectations.
			Guild Politics
				Make a few good allies
				Fuck everyone else
				If you want to PvP and kill random people out in the world then by all means do so
					This will wreck Guild Karma
						This has consequences
						You have to accept this if you're going to want to be in VG
						We're assholes and we like it
		Trade and Economy
			People in charge need to know alot about crafting systems and the economy
				Need to strive to be some of the best crafters/etc
				Rely on them for guild crafting missions and similar things, should know the best plans for completeing missions and succedding as a guild
			Message Crawdad on forums, Teamspeak, steam to ask questions/get invlolved
			Max out as soon as possible
			We do not want to miss out on the first round of guild Sieges
				No specific date as of yet for when that is
			Max is level 50 (soft cap)
				Information Dump on website has information on how to hit 50 fast
			Max it will take is about 20 hours of gameplay
				Can be much faster if grinding specifically to level
			Would like to show up to the first siege with 50-60 people minimum
			It is faster to grind mobs than to grind quests
				Do quests later for things like inventory expansion, conquest points, whatever else
		Don't play too mindlessly, make sure you learn your class as well
		Learn how your class works with groups
		Animation canceling
		Check forums for more information
		Game is new, don't be afraid to try things out but don't be too stupid
	CLASSES - Good overviews for classes
		Warrios & Valkyries
			Will be our shield wall
			These classes take skill and gear, we need a good core of skilled and geared players for this
		Ranger, Wizard, Sorceress, Witch
			Good backline for Guild PvP
			Good for 1v1, not as much for guild PvP
			Play them if you want
		There will be a file up to list our classes
			Please let us know what classes you're playing
			We're not locking you into classes play whatever you want, but this is to help us track what we're working with
	Guild Sieges and General Attitude
		Same mentality as Planetside
			Jump in and play whenever you want
		EXCEPTION -guild sieges
			Guild Sieges are pre planned event, you will RSVP to them
			they need to be planned in advance, we need scouting and to travel places in advanced
			You can't be late or a no show or unprepared, or you will fuck us over
		If you're online during guild mission and raids etc you are expected to participate
		guild sieges happen at set times a few times a week
			We don't know exactly when they will be yet, we will figure out when our best times are based on participation and voting

		Make sure to get a good horse
			Get Blackstones
				They are used to make your gear better
				Game revolves around them
		Talking to NPCs to get knowledge and unlock things, otherwise will have to backtrack
		There are daily log in rewards
			Spend points gained for loggin in in a cash-shop like store
			Don't craft boats right away
				They degrade and are expensive to get fast
			Build a cheap raft and go somewhere where there are REsources: Abundant
		You will not get screwed for not playing
			No huge emphasis on dailies
		17 - Already bought the Game
		16 - Plan to buy the Game
		4  - Not going to buy the Game
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