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    • Since it's almost halfway through the year I felt obligated to make an update.  We started off the year with a little Planetside 2. While that was going on, Proverbs and a group tried out Lineage II, did a great job of beating a guild that had some pay to win whales in it on the first week of the PvP siege content. Ultimately, Lineage 2 was pay to win so the community moved on into a private WoW server, Ascension.  Ascension is unique when compared to other private servers because it is classless, meaning you could pick any abilities you wanted and create your own unique character.  Ascension is no longer played.  Throughout all this time we also tried out a few other games like Conqueror's Blade which was fun but is no longer available to play currently. It's hard to say what kinds of games we will be playing in the future.  For now we're just chilling on Teamspeak 3 and playing whatever looks entertaining, sometimes individually, sometimes in a small group. If any big games become available and it's decided that they are worth playing in large capacity we will call everyone to come play and organize against whatever challenges we face.  In the mean time the teamspeak 3 address is still the same ( ). Come hang out, play games or watch some streams with us anytime.  We currently have small groups playing BDO in another guild together and Last I heard some people were playing Dauntless.  Of course we play other games too and are not just limited to those two, those are just some names I heard.   In other news here's what happens when twenty people land on the same roof in pubg.  
    • EDIT:  This isn't going on anymore.  We stopped after the first month.   Greetings. This is for anyone that played Planetside 2 with me. I will be organizing and recruiting for a new joint outfit Validus centralized Air Cavalry. The mood will be casual hardcore with no major mandatory requirements for entry. This play style requires vocal teamwork oriented voice coms and good attitudes. I will be consistently apart of this for 3 months starting now. The goal is to field at least 12 players within two 6 manned Valkyries. If you want to play Heavy and auraxium your Striker I want you. If you want to Pilot and cert out a Valkyrie I want you. If you want to be an Engineer and gun a nose gun I want you. Currently we already have one weekly Operation day, Friday at 8 pm EST.  If your interested pm me on any platform or catch me in Teamspeak 3. I will also probably be playing on off days as well.    
    • There will be downtime for teamspeak and the website, to patch Meltdown/Spectre. I'm not sure when exactly, but it will be around or after 1700 (5pm) EST. The downtime should be long, but expect up to 30 minutes.
    • Hi it's me Nrin with a news update, Follow me on twitter Be sure comment like and subscribe for more exciting new old content from me, Nrin. -The ARMA III Server that was run by @Dingesskahn and @DervishStorm was shutdown due to inconsistencies. The server ran for a good 3ish months and we brought in a lot of new people into the teamspeak 3. For now a lot of people seem to be burnt on ARMA III, as we have played it on and off for years. -The Lineage 2 Guild run by @Proverbs was disbanded. The guild did claim a fort against a pay to win players during the first week of siege release. The second week our guild was crushed by a guild full of pay to win whales.  In order to stay competitive we would have had to either work really hard or dropped a very large amount of money. Unfortunately neither was worth the one weekly night of fun that was the pvp fort sieges. - @Proverbs is continuing to work on his MMORPG game Astaria. For the most accurate update talk to him. - ShadowWhale109 and crew still do tank stuff in Planetside 2. Planetside 2 is slowly getting better and worse. They really nailed making better worses which sort of better but not really worse off because of how small the community has gotten which is probably more worse then better. What does the future hold for Validus Gamers? It's a Scooby Doo mystery, who knows where we'll end up next, when and who we will unmask for a Scooby Snack. There is an interest in Star Citizen but that game is still very far from a state where we could play it as a community and get entertainment out of it. Star Citizen is in alpha testing phase which means buggy and not yet optimized. In closing, this is Nrin reminding you this January to Michael down your Vincents.     
    • Hey guys! We're coming up on our 1 year marker for Astaria and we've been hard at work on it. Validus has almost finished a public alpha demo. We just need to finish creating the first pass through on our Warlord AI System. After that, it's a matter of finetuning the combat. If you can support the game, the link is down below. If you can't but want to help, sharing to your friends or other groups about the game is the next best thing! I appreciate all the comments, likes and upvotes/support I get from you guys. This wouldn't be possible if VG weren't around as my base platform to achieve these goals.