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    • Greetings. This is for anyone that played Planetside 2 with me. I will be organizing and recruiting for a new joint outfit Validus centralized Air Cavalry. The mood will be casual hardcore with no major mandatory requirements for entry. This play style requires vocal teamwork oriented voice coms and good attitudes. I will be consistently apart of this for 3 months starting now. The goal is to field at least 12 players within two 6 manned Valkyries. If you want to play Heavy and auraxium your Striker I want you. If you want to Pilot and cert out a Valkyrie I want you. If you want to be an Engineer and gun a nose gun I want you. Currently we already have one weekly Operation day, Friday at 8 pm EST.  If your interested pm me on any platform or catch me in Teamspeak 3. I will also probably be playing on off days as well.    
    • Oh whoops, no you didn't. On a train right now, so will post as soon as I get in.
    • Did i miss the TGG discord link "at bottom of page"?
    • Cheers Proverbs. For the most part I talked to people who Zeused on the other server, to ask if they wanted to do so for this one. Most said yes. Also it was suggested to me to put your name down since, as you've done several Zeus Ops yourself, you may wish to do so at some point when you feel you want to and have time to. Same with Dervish. Although he did say it was only in a support role. Aside from that, you're right. I should have ran it by you first and I apologize. Also tbh, I completely forgot there was a bot that links to discord, so wasn't really paying attention when I linked in discord.
    • Edited your post so it doesn't include people who don't play arma. It's misleading to list our names.