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    • Thank you i appreciate you at least taking my request in to consideration
    • I'll personally look into it. But let me report my findings in two days.
    • I was given a ban by stroytov for 1 day i think it was because i got mad and yelled at him after he took my pilot tags back and understand that and im sorry but now ive been banned from arma, discord, and now team-speak I know you guys were thinking about banning me but all im asking is just give me a chance today at the time of writing this I honestly wanted to show you guys that I can behave and not fuck around because i realized that no one took me seriously and all im asking is for the chance to prove my self give me one op to show that and if you arent convinced then ban me forever from everything. let me show you I can change
    • The Arma 3 server is paid up till Christmas with all the donations recieved after which the server will be closed. Here are the reasons behind the closing to give people better insight to my thinking : 1. Lack of attendance (now while yes Nam increased the pop it dropped quick when we swapped from it), 2. Lack of willingness to follow rules ( I had created a simple ruleset which several regulars had issues following creating me more headache), 3. Straight up lack of respect for those in positions of power ( When a mod,zeus or myself tell you something its not to be a dick but we have set rulesets for loadouts and mission variations and people blow off what we say). If any of the Zeuses I put over the server wish to open a new server I am more than willing to help in setting up as well as providing my scriptting set i used on our current maps. At 4pm est today 12/6 I'll be swapping server back over to our Rhs settings till server closes.