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    • As some of you may have noticed the Arma 3 server went down this is in part to Proverbs needing more time to work on his game nearing Alpha testing. Fret not though the server will be returning under Dingeskhan and myself(Dervish). The server is expected to be up sometime next week. Under Dinges and myself we will be accepting mod suggestions as well as maps details on where to send map upload will be coming. The server will be taking donations to help in costs of running the server right now server costs are approximately $80-100 a month . A new campaign will be planned and announced to start sometime mid october.
    • I'm TheEvilFlea, some of you may know me.

      Been playing with VG since the start of the WW2 campaign at the start of the summer and have a knack for Zeusing. When I Zeus I like to add a little story to it so that the players can at least have some insight as to why they are killing this person or why they are blowing up this thing over there. I like to go in depth with these things try to make my missions more of an experience rather than just something thrown together for the lolz. I will admit, I do take sometime to make my missions, but I try to get in the server before everyone to set things up prior. I also like to consider myself a pretty good pilot. I'm not amazing, but I'm confident in my ability to transport people all day long and land in hot lz's.
    • Hey everyone i'm Punches, in game I'm SgtMaj. Punches but you can just call me punches.   I'm known as that guy that follows orders and or try's to do whatever it is within a firefight of 6fps.   When i play medic don't move please or you will die lol.   Squad Leader me? Well I make decisions apon real life stakes that your lives are in my hands. If someone does something stupid i wont mind routing you out for it for putting your brothers in arms in danger.    When I am zeus I try to make as realistic Missions as i can bringing even the most Dysfunctional Squad together to work as one. I enjoy making Sniping Missions and prefer zeus over ground because of my FPS (I am building a new computer soon so that will change) I Tend to try and think out of the box as ops go to make a simple mission and allow the Squads to make there own decisions.   How my ops work. I will make a simple mission for you players, seems simple right? read the Briefing, understand it, and follow through with the mission yes? well. Not exactly. I tend to Make a mission that allows whoever is squad leader to make their own decisions on approaching the mission allowing for possible retry and many different ways of completing the mission. If its sneaking in, taking out a high value target, or driving in with a jeep Guns blazing. The Mission is up to your squad leader and to take in account his or her Squad mate's suggestions to cooperate as a squad of brothers looking out for one another. not as a singular unit. Cooperation Is key.   Thanks and hope to see you all soon! Punches.
    • Whatever it is it needs to be eastern Europe. Can't think of anywhere better than chernerus
    • Taunus is pretty performance intense.