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      I've set up a Validus Gamers Discord server for a way for the community to chat anytime outside of games and teamspeak 3 via mobile device or the desktop app. The Teamspeak 3 is still our voice communication program of choice. Message me if you want the info to join.

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  2. VG will be launching ops next week Monday/Wednesday @ 7:00pm EST / 4:00pm PST. Sunday @ 6:30pm PST / 9:30pm EST. And Special Event Friday Announcements. Please attend our meeting this Saturday @ 10:30pm EST / 7:30pm EST. This will give an idea of how many we have. All Former Squad Leaders who plan to play are required to contact proverbs Via Forums, Steam, Teamspeak or Facebook.
  3. Here is what's happened in the past month, World of Warcraft - The Validus Gamers WoW guild is no longer raiding. Too many players left the game around thanksgiving break and put the guild in a hard state to recover from due to the sever's small population of Alliance players to recruit from. In the meantime Proverbs, Hungsolo and many others have merged into The Enclave's second raid to save, continue their progress and see the rest of WoW's content for the expansion. Triumphofman is the raid leader of the second raid. He's been old friend to our community since the old Planetside 2 days. ARMA 3 - Since WoW has died down a bit ARMA 3 has been spiking in popularity. Almost nightly there have been many impromptu Wasteland, King of the Hill and Co OP Sessions. You do not need mods to play these game modes so if your interested all you need to do is install ARMA 3 and be on teamspeak to play with us. For DLC, Apex is still at the regular price but you can grab the $10.00 DLC bundle off of G2A which has all the old DLC HERE. It's speculated that Apex could go on sale during the steam winter sale. Planetside 2 - Due to numerous requests to play Planetside 2 and Proverbs desire not to disappoint the community, Proverbs has scheduled three separate Planetside 2 Reunion days. You can find the times and dates for those on our website calendar as well as the steam group calendar.
  4. This is a timeline of moments and memories of the Validus Gamers outfit in Planetside 2. 2012 A group of friends start playing Planetside 2 and somewhere around here Validus Gamers is born. Over time the group grows larger. Large enough that a couple of chuckle heads collaborate and more a recruitment video on YouTube. It was uploaded on the 29th of September featuring ZoranTheBear's narration to music from the film Starship Troopers, an inspiration to video's editing. On December 16th of 2012 Validus Gamers released a music video. Synced up the to, who was at the time considered an up and coming rapper, The video portrays the early days of swag and yolo by featuring Proverbs's Planetside 2 character dancing with other Valdius Gamers members either standing in choreographed positions, firing off rocket launchers. shaking c4 detonators or launching flash ATVs into the air as the song plays. 2013 Though it may not have been well known, Validus Gamers had an air division of dedicated aircraft pilots. The air division was lead by Bsheep9 one of Mattherson’s better, if not one of the best, mosquito pilots. Dubbed as the ORCAS, Offensive Reconnaissance Close Air Support, by the outfit’s officer Romas, the idea was a group of dedicated aircraft would assume the role of defending Terran Republic territory from enemy aircraft or attacking ground targets of opportunity often offensively in and around enemy bases. From fighting nightly rivals in the air, racing to see who could rack up the most kills, practicing to perfect the reverse maneuver or attempting to persevere against hackers that plagued the skies, the ORCAS division was a tight knit group of friends that had a lot of fun together. Over time what little air game was left in Planetside 2 did not age well as numerous new ways to shoot aircraft down, often hard to deal with, were added to the game thus depleting the viability of a dedicated air group working with a platoon of infantry. ORCAS last operation was at the end August of 2013. August, 2013, Validus Gamers fought against the Vindicators outfit on the Planetside 2 Major League Gaming War Report Episode 18. With no real win conditions, except bragging rights, The War Report was intended showcase Planetside 2 and promote a possible e-sport scene for the game which never took off. Hosted and commentated by online handles Jax and Axetoss, both outfits were directed to bases selected by the hosts on Amerish of which both faction owned a lattice link to and both outfits competed against each other for control of a base as either the defenders or attackers. The session lasted an hour. The most memorable highlight of the whole event was when both commentators erupted into surprise and excitement as Validus Gamers successfully distracted the Vindicators and re-secured a base behind their front line of magrider hover tanks. Later on in the episode, Validus Gamers was credited with being "Possibly the best meta game on the show." Outfit verse outfit rivalries were a normal thing back when the game was still fresh. In some cases, groups would walk the extra mile just to mess with and "screw with" their rivals over at every opportunity that was created. A memorable moment was when [CML] tried to take a hill of [VG] infantry with ground armor only to drive [VG] down hill and come back up later to flank and destroy [CML]'s vehicles. As time went on Planetside 2 did not age well for veteran players. The size of the average outfit shrank with the decline of new players coming into the game. By this time the smaller outfits had multiplied and became a more common sight. With no innovative end game to give larger outfits a purpose, a drive to log in nightly, a portion of the population had taken up stat padding, the careful building up of one's kill death ratios or earning as many kills as one could on their favorite weapon or vehicle of choice, thus making a small outfit of skilled players more appealing to those seeking glory on the leader boards. Validus Gamers refused to comply to the social order Planetside 2 had adapted in it's later years. In it's depression of the state of the game, Validus Gamers became reckless in it's ambition to be a great outfit for players of all skill level. Abiding by the values that made the large outfits great in the past Validus Gamers chose a different path of random unethical chaos. December 7, despite our best efforts, Validus Gamers were unable to locate any suitable 1-12 man ghost caps to trounce by dropping in with our entire platoon, as is our custom, so after circling Indar for what seemed like days, we decided to stop at Crossroads Watchtower and ask for some PlanetSide 2 metagame tips from an outfit called BAX. Unfortunately, since we're all very new to the game, we didn't realize we had accidentally interrupted an important demonstration on tactics and strategy that BAX was giving to the Friday Night Ops stream audience that very evening! A bit of an altercation broke out, and rather than help us with metagame advice, BAX decided to educate VG and their streaming viewers on a special maneuver called "Tic-Tac-Toe". Always eager to get schooled by real professionals, the inexperienced Validus Gamers nervously wandered around the tower, hoping at least that their corpses would look good on Twitch after BAX demonstrated their incomparable skill and mastery... Sadly, VG and the rest of the world never got to see the undeniable tactical brilliance that Tic-Tac-Toe most assuredly would have been, because a few of the newest and least disciplined Validus members accidentally opened fire directly into a narrow choke point at the exact same time BAX's entire platoon happened to be standing there, rendering them all significantly less alive than they were before, and ending the demonstration prematurely. Those in the Validus ranks who were responsible for this brilliant, flawless counterplay regrettable atrocity have been commended severely reprimanded for their actions, and VG has extended numerous mocking challenges courteous invitations to BAX, encouraging them to demonstrate the magnificent and game-changing Tic-Tac-Toe maneuver once again. Around this time Validus Gamers had started experimenting with different ways to attack groups of enemies. A common occurrence that happens in Planetside 2 is when a bunch of vehicles tend to pile up in a cluster when there is a skirmish in between two bases. One day we tried just dropping infantry loaded out of anti vehicle weapons directly behind enemy groups of tanks. The surprise of suddenly taking damage from behind would cause a lot of panic among our enemies. Vehicles would reverse into each trying to desperately to escape taking fire from the front and back. The tactic was so effective we started calling it a "shock drop." 2014 Rather than holdout inside a fortified bio lab facility, Validus Gamers infantry were groomed to fight anywhere outside. With a reinforced flak armor doctrine and equipped with an impressive arsenal of striker rocket launchers, Validus Gamers instead went after large zergs of vehicles. The speed at which it's ground infantry could redeploy and refit loadouts improved. Able to load over forty eight individual players inside a galaxy dropship, at a record time of 29 seconds on a good day, Validus Gamers identified itself as a quick reaction force to be reckoned with. Shock drops quickly became a favorite tactic on any colony of enemies visible from the sky. Then one day Validus Gamers did something unexpected. They droped infantry into a fight their faction had no business in and and killed many many vehicles with no enemies left alive to retaliate. Suddenly the map that had served as their board game for many years had lost all meaning. Validus Gamers could fly in infantry anywhere and purge the fields of tanks, oppress the skies of enemy aircraft. Times were glorious. March 11 2014, Validus Gamers was once more featured on Sony Online Entertainment’s a weekly twitch stream FNO, Friday Night Ops Episode 61. The significance of this event was that Proverbs visited SOE’s studio and appeared in person right next to FNO’s host, Luperza, throughout the whole episode. The livestream lasted two hours, was attended by over ten squads of Validus Gamers members, roughly one hundred twenty players. The episode was streamed from the Amerish continent where many major outfits from other factions joined together to fight against Validus Gamers resulting some massive large scale battles. Unfortunately I do not have an edited video for this. 2015 - and Beyond... On April 20th, 2015, Proverbs announced his resignation as outfit leader of the Validus Gamers Planetside 2 Outfit. Proverbs final operation would be on may 8th and was turned into a twelve hour charity stream for the victims of Nepal earthquake that occurred on the 25th of April. Donations for the charity stream were handled by the Mercy Corps, an organization dedicated to providing aid to less fortunate communities around the world. The event was well received, attended by roughly one hundred players and succeeded in raising a couple hundred dollars for the Nepal earthquake relief effort. Officially this was the Validus Gamers last moment in Planetside 2.