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Found 13 results

  1. Hey guys, As most of you will know - Ghost Recon: Wildlands dropped today, I'm looking for people to squad up with. If you're interested, let me know! Btw (despite what others have said) the game is totally worth your money. Loving it so far, just sucks not always having team-mates D: If anyone is interested, you can add me on Uplay via @MrSix64Four or on steam @MrSixFour (picture of left-shark) Hope to see you out there on the Wildlandz, Wildmanz!
  2. I've compiled the main pieces of intel, I managed to uncover during the Operations on Tanoa. Photos and sensitive documents revealed much of both the Tanoan Nationalist Brigade and Syndikat's ties with a number of minor organizations and Private Companies. However, out of all their associations, their main "benefactors" so to speak was CSAT who largely supplied weapons and ammunition. From what I gathered though, from blacked out and partially censored files, Syndikat had been in contact and gradually receiving more frequent aid from an unknown Third Party (Although with recent events on Tanoa, we can clearly guess who that was). This third party appears to have brokered the original "alliance" between CSAT and Syndikat but the former was swiftly eliminated from the scene, shortly after ours and NATO's arrival on Tanoa. Furthermore, files made several references to Stratis, Takistan and two "Hubs" located in both Afghanistan (made no mention of exact location) and Europe (again no exact location, although references to "Friends in Switzerland", suggests it maybe Mid or Southern Germany. From our first encounter with the Third Party (now believed to be the rumoured org "Black Order"), intel from a secret FOB, disguised as a Lumberyard has revealed another location, near Sydney, Australia. Why a possible global Terrorist Organisation has decided to set up base here, is largely speculative at best. The geographical location makes it ideal for at least supplys and smuggling. The following is the collection of files, photos and documents, uncovered in operations against Syndikat and the Nationalists. I've placed them in the order of when they were uncovered for convienience. Where there are gaps, hopefully our computer and technical resources shall be able to fill them in over the coming weeks, thus obtaining a larger and concise picture. Suffice to say, we have only scratched the surface, for we have stumbled upon a conspiracy that reaches far beyond Tanoa... (OOC: THREAD WILL BE UPDATED AS I WRITE DOWN THE LORE)
  3. Hey guys! This is the sign up for the Australia Campaign. Please click here: https://goo.gl/forms/YDz8aJxC0jgw1Q1I3 Here is the required mod list: https://gyazo.com/337f2143198608d6366ccc5a97d4df98 Steam Collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=849841433 YOU NEED TO DO THIS BEFORE MONDAY @ 4:00PM PST / 7:00PM EST 2/27/2017 An introduction will be posted soon! Please also reply to this topic that you've done the following. Updated: 3/1/2017 - Dying will result in returning to the AO via Helo. CAS are only given a certain amount of "choppers" to die in. Mods Installed: Signed up: TFR Ready:
  4. So I was doing some surfing on Arma 3 Workshop and I came across GPNVG-18 Panoramic Night Vision. was wondering if we could implement this mod into our missions, I am playing around with it, and sadly the mod does offer Thermal Vision in terms of a vision mode. but its so abysmally bad that you cant shoot straight from anywhere beyond 25-30 meters. I have attached a picture of what these goggles look like.
  5. Hey all! It's yo boy, Proverbs. The new year has wrapped around fairly quick. We've seen 2016 with many different events and fun times. We've had ArmA 3, BDO, WoW and hints of Planetside 2 last year. Although both BDO and WoW has dropped our attention, ArmA 3 has continued to be something we won't ever stop playing since it's been apart of our community for years. Star Citizen But lets talk about 2017, there is a big title that we've been aiming to play since 3 years ago. That is Star Citizen. With big milestones by RSI, Star Citizen is seeing a potential Alpha and maybe even Beta this year. Maybe 2018 release date? Well with what is currently out, I want to have us jump on with who we have and finally make our Organization in SC, official. We need to identify what we want to do. We will finally have a get together to play the PU and Star Marine. This year, we're going to begin the formation of our Organization. We're going to start getting on the beta builds and fly around, get use to the combat and overall, dictate what we can accomplish realistically and set a goal for ourselves. Our mindset will take on a whole new way this time around. This is thousands of real USD's we're talking about. So our "casual yet serious" mindset needs to be reworked for Star Citizen. We will need to convert to a more serious mentality. We will be implementing OPSEC. I know in many games, OPSEC was not needed. But for Star Citizen, I believe we need a level of security to correctly identify who we should release information to on a need to know basis. We'll also be introducing an official "Rank" system. I know we've done away with it in the past but I want to start doing a rank system specifically for this game. Discuss? So lastly, our to do list for SC is to get our organization up and running this year! Get some play time in! And do a role call. ArmA 3 ArmA 3 released Apex earlier last year. It added in a really cool island to play on. The game has since then released a ton of mods, and game modes. I'm looking to finish our Campaign we started from last year, to start a WW2 one and to start a Halo one. So more to come off this! This will probably remain the primary game to play. Squad Although Squad isn't fully developed yet. I'd like to schedule weekly nights where we set up a squad or multiple squads to play in a server. It is amazingly fun and well worth the $40. You can easily get it for pretty cheap for $20. Social Media Campaign This year, I'd like to get a goal of getting at least 2 weekly videos up! And finally, time to start the personal VLOG and the much awaited Commander Series for many games! I also like to invite all of you to help with our social media platforms like twitter, instagram, snapchat and to help get more videos on youtube as well! A lot to do this year and a lot to expect. Let's get out there and apologize for being new guys!
  6. http://plays.tv/video/58564d757dd166e386/-validusgamers From late night Arma 3 perfect firing zones for an assault(i still have original file if need for anything)
  7. Sorry He's New. I suppose it runs in the family
  8. until
    Joint operations with BWC in ARMA 3. Halo mod theme. Mod list, Proverb's forum post
  9. until
    Joint operations with BWC in ARMA 3. Halo mod theme. Mod list, Proverb's forum post
  10. until
    Joint operations with BWC in ARMA 3. Halo mod theme. Mod list, Proverb's forum post
  11. until
    Joint operations with BWC in ARMA 3. Halo mod theme. Mod list, Proverb's forum post
  12. I have bin working on a new map for the server. Easy for Provo to move to another world and added a lot more to it. Me and tekguygaming have bin testing the map and works well! I just want Provs to try it out and give me some criticism and remove junk. Features: A rappeling mod in map. (Works 90%) Vehicle spawn system to remove clutter Better Arsenal Apex Respawn system Teleport from the carrier to land Teleport To The airfield for other vehicles Rearm area around the Airfield and Carrier Wreck remover around the Carrier Custom view distance Option Added a base building system for defense ops Simple Copy Pasta to new world and everything stays on the Carrier A more advanced Sling loading system. (better at airfield) Working on an intro cut-scene Added radio markers on map by default Working Artillery system for cretin people Negatives: I messed up and saved the map with Ares active. Get it HERE! I am always working on the map and adding things in. I have the Intro locked right now but the regular mission is fine. Get it >drive.google.com<(Its the VG_Ops.*MAP*.pbo ) and place it in your Arma 3\MPMissions. Host a lan server and it should be listed under the *MAP* list. PS The Intro.pbo is a Non apex variants of the map Rahmadi from CUP. Ignore the Sandbox map. ~May the Bread be with you
  13. We no longer play Black Desert Online. A number of factors have contributed to the reason for this. Castle siege content was delayed long past the expected time for it's delivery. When we started playing BDO we had the intention of attempting to become a high end PvP guild so a lot of time was invested into gearing up and staying competitive against other guilds. Unfortunately due to the way the game is designed, you can never really reach a certain point where you can stop grinding gear and just focus on fun. On top of that, content that changes and adds new items to the game is released with only a days notice. So of course eventually a lot of our members got burnt out on the game. Work we put into being ready for castle sieges would suddenly become over turned by a new update that adds new armor or weapons that are better than what we already had. The majority of us agreed that the game was becoming more and more stressful like a chore and not any fun anymore so we stopped playing it. We no longer have a MMO to play as a large group. However in the mean time, while we wait for something else or search for a new MMO, Proverbs is in the process of creating a ARMA 3 campaign for us to play. If you don't know what ARMA 3 is, it's a massive military combat sandbox game on steam. It's more intricate than your average shooter and slower paced but it can be really fun to play in with a group of friends. Here's a link to the ARMA 3 Campaign event that starts on July 1st. In between now and July 1st we will be playing ARMA 3 sporadically to get ready for the campaign. Feel free to join in on any of those sessions to get your game set up and working and or to practice playing as a team. If you have any further questions or concerns talk to Proverbs on Teamspeak or just PM him on this site. To end this post here's a nice picture of DarkAvengerx7 and Proverbs that someone, can't remember who made this, photo shopped. LOL XD