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  1. Awesome, all the siege stuff seems a bit ambitious but will be dope if they pull it off well.
  2. You spelled Mattherson wrong
  3. Tried it out tonight with TE, game seems pretty much exactly the same only the meta stupid shit that happens is a little bit different
  4. I'd be willing to give the game one last chance, but I'm not overly enthusiastic about it.
  5. Typical Jamie still not telling us who the fuck he is
  6. Also the distinction between sights, 1x / red dot for standard, 3.4x / RCO level for marksman is not clearly portrayed and caused some confusion so it would be useful to reformat that little section.
  7. Sorry for my absence yesterday and today. I'll put in some work with the C130 tomorrow afternoon to make sure I'm comfortable with it and all its functions should I be the one needed to fly it.
  8. I would assume that the MP5 is also acceptable for Pilots?
  9. Who even are you, and why would you make an outfit in our name when you've only joined today and clearly the only reason you did that was to make this post?
  10. Where does it say next week? As far as my understanding it just says the dev tools were updated.
  11. @Proverbs
  12. How about this? And an honorable mention:
  13. It seems alright, but we're trying to keep as low a mod count as we can, so I'm just not sure I could justify adding something that is just a different looking nvg, but maybe that's just me. Personally I think it's neat but also in the category of not really worth the bother.
  14. The other thread was just to sign up / confirm for the campaign so I moved this to it's own thread. As for the idea itself, are you suggesting we implement a mod you don't even think is good?