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  1. Viciouscross told me the next big star citizen content patch is on the way. Perhaps by the time you become available to play games again we can go on some adventures on one of the planet's surfaces.
  2. Welcome, glad to have you around!
  3. If I have two new guys using the forums asking the same question is unanswered for a day I'm going to give them an answer even if it's "don't know." I not afraid to look stupid. I'd rather look stupid then leave people hanging. I appreciate you guys posting this issue about the ARMA server. Sorry for any inconvenience. The new IP address is If you experience any further issues please let us know.
  4. Says the guy who posted twice in a row. I'm one post from resetting my post odometer. Get on my level.
  5. Couldn't tell ya. =(
  6. Hiya, I'm IrishInsanity. I play a wide variety of different game. Heros of the Storm, Grim Dawn, Dawn of War III to name some recent ones. Loved playing Company of Heros. Solid game. Good times. I would either play British or Panzer Elite. In CoH 2 I played as Americans.
  7. Greetings, to whomever this may concern. Validus Gamers is no longer playing Planetside 2. There was a moment a few months back were a resurgence of veteran players returned to Planetside, after World of Warcraft: Legion became too unenjoyable, influenced VG's brief return to the game. At the time it had seemed like there was an opportunity to fix the damaging short comings of Planetside 2. Day Break Games, Planetside 2's current development team, was in talks with veteran players and former SOE developers about what they thought should be changed in Planetside 2. There may, or may not, have even been new job opportunities offered at DBGs. Excited to get this kind of reaction from the newer development team, many purchased Day Break Games membership subscriptions to encourage this behavior by the DBG and to support the game with a source of revenue. An entire platoon of players with membership subscriptions active. Each blue arrow to the right of a player indicates they have an active subscription. Unfortunately, almost all of the feedback for changes that would vastly improve the game were never implemented by DBG. Later a new patch changed the implant system into a blatant cash grab attempt. The new implant system took away every player's implants and gated them behind low drop rate random element loot boxes that are purchased with certifications or real money. In addition to all this something else was discovered. Veteran players want a large, epic, spread out battle on a global map where logistics, tactics and well timed decisions all matter. Ultimately a strategic MMO where players can work together to accomplish something. A game that everyone can play and enjoy. The newer Planetside 2 Community prefers to play Planetside 2 as a small scale arena style shooter where measured individual skill is most important. Anything that inconveniences this play style is deemed bad by this newer Planetside 2 community. Rather than an MMO, these players want an instanced epsort with special rules to dictate a battle. A game where players that are "good" can play and tell other players to "get gud." For the past four years what little was left of the Planetside 2 community had grown different ideas and values about where the direct of the game's development should go that conflicted with veteran player ideas and values. As a result, proposed changes made by veteran players and former SOE developers were met with negativity by the new Planetside 2 community, which may explain why veteran feedback changes were never made to the game. Perhaps it's a generation thing. The younger players only know conveniences and handouts. While the old players want an experience bigger and beyond how many golden star stickers they can earn on their virtual guns. Either way, I know one thing. We won't be shooting and them and they won't be shooting at us for years to come in Planetside 2. All the newfound interest in Planetside 2 has died down. All the content added to game during VG's absence wasn't enough to entertain for more than a few months and with nothing new on the horizon to justify playing any further it was only natural that our community would gravitate away from the playing the game consistently. The final nail in the coffin is that Planetside 2's development team is very very small. The smallest it's ever been. The game is a low growth and low income service. So the servers will likely be shut down within a year. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So what's next for Validus Gamers? Nothing major for now. Currently the community's past time is ARMA III. Validus Gamers does have a ARMA III server played regularly on with some organized events. You can find some of them on the website's calendar and on the Teamspeak 3 server. @TheCrimsonFist may be working on an ARMA III zombie survival themed campaign, you can read more about it here. Looking for something new in ARMA III? The Jets DLC was released on the 16th. I will mention that more and more upcoming MMOs are avoiding the free to play model. This is a good thing because they won't fall into the same trap that Planetside 2 did with having to constantly pump out cash shop items just to pay for the electric bill. Finally, Validus Gamers isn't going away. There may not be a massive game for us to go into adventures now. But there will be games to play later. Until we can play those games, DO NOT forget to tell people that you're are sorry you're new.
  8. @Proverbs still $500? Eyeing atm
  9. Is this like a better tiger knight?
  10. This is a test please ignore.
  11. I found a mouse to complete your setup.
  12. no cup holders
  13. dam
  14. Can I be in the lore?
  15. Nice set up!
  16. testing a discord bot out
  17. second discord bot test
  18. Arma 3 players, Buzzcutpsycho approached me asking if I thought VG would be interested in playing arma 3 co op with TE, buzz would zesus while everyone else is organized into an american infantry platoon that fights Russian AI units, does objectives and so on. Light mods. Looking to get at least 30 bros to make it worth doing this. Currently it looks like TE has only 15ish guys interested Any help would be appreciated. Smiley face. Original thread if you have a TE forum account, If you make a forum account the answer to the question is horrigan, you may post in the linked thread that you are interested.
  19. UPDATE: Unfortunately some stuff has changed and BuzzCutPsycho will not have time to run ARMA 3 and run a World of Warcraft raid team at the same time. All ARMA 3 plans have been put on hold for the unforeseen future.
  20. Moved this here as Proverbs for archive purposes.
  21. We have a discord server for instant messaging. Think of it like an improved shout box but on mobile and desktop. teamspeak 3 is and still will be our voip
  22. Best source for updates is that thread I linked.
  23. If we get days and times i'll try to remember to post them here. It was announced a bit ago that a meeting is going to be scheduled for this. I think that's probably where we'll discuss what time and days work for everyone.
  24. Looking good so far we're at 24 total individuals posted in the thread. Need more though to make this happen.
  25. Great clip Everyone covered each other really well and caught all the flankers.