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  1. @Proverbs still $500? Eyeing atm
  2. Is this like a better tiger knight?
  3. Created a Planetside 2 selection and moved this topic to it.
  4. Continent locking in it's current form is so bad that I would rather not have it at all. You could be at a great fight with all your guys and suddenly out of no where one of the factions hits BINGO on the continent locking sheet and everyone is forces out and you have to wait like 10-20 minutes for new fights to generate if people didn't log off when the continent locked. Not to mention the UI for VPs is godawful. Getting locked out and stuffed into VR sucks which is why if you don't have membership your kind of screwed. Membership is a must if you want to play TR or NC, it's probably no a problem with VS since they are the underpopulated faction on Emerald.
  5. This is a test please ignore.
  6. WoW's state has gotten very bad. In Planetside 2, now is the best time to try and show the Devs that outfits are the real backbone of Planetside 2's customers. They've tried their construction idea and it's not done very. Wrel has eluded to there being poor revenue in some of his posts on reddit. Buzz has two former Devs worth of intelligence in his arsenal. In my opinion. The future of the game looks... optimistic...
  7. Hey there. If I find out someone here plays I'll send them your way so you have someone to play with. I don't want to steer you the wrong way though. I don't think you're going to find anyone here that plays ps2 on the ps4 simply because Validus Gamers started planetside 2 on PC and so all the games we play together are on the PC.
  8. I found a mouse to complete your setup.
  9. no cup holders
  10. dam
  11. Can I be in the lore?
  12. Nice set up!
  13. testing a discord bot out
  14. second discord bot test
  15. Arma 3 players, Buzzcutpsycho approached me asking if I thought VG would be interested in playing arma 3 co op with TE, buzz would zesus while everyone else is organized into an american infantry platoon that fights Russian AI units, does objectives and so on. Light mods. Looking to get at least 30 bros to make it worth doing this. Currently it looks like TE has only 15ish guys interested Any help would be appreciated. Smiley face. Original thread if you have a TE forum account, If you make a forum account the answer to the question is horrigan, you may post in the linked thread that you are interested.
  16. UPDATE: Unfortunately some stuff has changed and BuzzCutPsycho will not have time to run ARMA 3 and run a World of Warcraft raid team at the same time. All ARMA 3 plans have been put on hold for the unforeseen future.
  17. Moved this here as Proverbs for archive purposes.
  18. We have a discord server for instant messaging. Think of it like an improved shout box but on mobile and desktop. teamspeak 3 is and still will be our voip
  19. Best source for updates is that thread I linked.
  20. If we get days and times i'll try to remember to post them here. It was announced a bit ago that a meeting is going to be scheduled for this. I think that's probably where we'll discuss what time and days work for everyone.
  21. Looking good so far we're at 24 total individuals posted in the thread. Need more though to make this happen.
  22. Great clip Everyone covered each other really well and caught all the flankers.
  23. Here is what's happened in the past month, World of Warcraft - The Validus Gamers WoW guild is no longer raiding. Too many players left the game around thanksgiving break and put the guild in a hard state to recover from due to the sever's small population of Alliance players to recruit from. In the meantime Proverbs, Hungsolo and many others have merged into The Enclave's second raid to save, continue their progress and see the rest of WoW's content for the expansion. Triumphofman is the raid leader of the second raid. He's been old friend to our community since the old Planetside 2 days. ARMA 3 - Since WoW has died down a bit ARMA 3 has been spiking in popularity. Almost nightly there have been many impromptu Wasteland, King of the Hill and Co OP Sessions. You do not need mods to play these game modes so if your interested all you need to do is install ARMA 3 and be on teamspeak to play with us. For DLC, Apex is still at the regular price but you can grab the $10.00 DLC bundle off of G2A which has all the old DLC HERE. It's speculated that Apex could go on sale during the steam winter sale. Planetside 2 - Due to numerous requests to play Planetside 2 and Proverbs desire not to disappoint the community, Proverbs has scheduled three separate Planetside 2 Reunion days. You can find the times and dates for those on our website calendar as well as the steam group calendar.
  24. Proverbs will play Planetside 2 this day and run an OP at 7:00pm.
  25. until
    Proverbs will play Planetside 2 this day and run an OP at 7:00pm.