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  1. Today
  2. Any interest for Legion anyone?

  3. Last week
  4. Do we have a Discord server?

    I'm liking it more for general chatting than TeamSpeak.

    Cant use it for ArmA III though as their isn't support for plugins but it's great for other games.

    1. Railingo


      I don't think we have one, but anyone could make a server and it would be very simple to invite others. 

    2. drehmini


      We don't use discord. We've discussed it in the past, but having both VOIP servers would cause a fracture in the community.

  5. Wow Cadara it says your 9 years old on here! You're younger that Twelve guy!

  6. Earlier
  7. Hop on if you need ace familiarization.

  8. Throwback time.


    1. Railingo


      I feel like I got trolled for exactly seven minutes and fifty seconds.  

    2. IrishInsanity
    3. Railingo


      It's just the music. I thought it was funny..

  9. Hop on for Operation Shield!

  10. We are playing tonight! Remember to hop on!

  11. Steam Collection has been updated to include RHS + ACE compatibility files if you hadn't already added those manually.
  12. @Proverbs Pilots should be practicing with the smaller VTOL craft for transport now right?

  13. @lengthybread409 Stop necro'ing threads that are over 6 months old

  14. Operation: SHIELD

    NTF: Validus heads to Tanoa as an emergency response unit. We will be escorting civilians out to the USS Nimitz.
  15. I'm back and we'll resume this week!
  16. Sorry for the absence but I am finally back and from vacation! We'll be starting up again this week!

  17. I need one too but for another person. Out of luck for me I dev android.
  18. good idea
    1. IrishInsanity


      I didn't realize it was a revamp, I'm down to play it if any of you want to

    2. drehmini


      I'd love to give it a try again. 

  19. So like prov is visitng family if no one knew, thats why we havent had ops for awhile. Just ask him or whatever about whats up I guess. He has just been busy.

  20. Added to Steam Collection
  21. Updated

  23. Yeah not for right now but for any Ops in the future (for instance if we decide to fight on Chenarus or Bystrica for example). It would add more of an aethestic and realistic touch.
  24. Tonight is Operation White Knight

  25. Meh, we don't really need more shit in-game, there's already a ton of things to choose from, and we also don't really need choices when we're trying to standardize loadouts anyway. And we really don't need to bloat the mod list.
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