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  1. Yesterday
  2. Overwatch Megathread

  3. Overwatch Megathread

  4. Overwatch Megathread

  5. Overwatch Megathread

  6. Overwatch Megathread

    RadActvLbstr#1339 Will probably buy the game at some point.
  7. Overwatch Megathread

    Add your bnets here. Proverbsvg#1549
  8. Last week
  9. ArmA 3?

    Thanks added
  10. ArmA 3?

    This needs added to the collection This makes the CUP weapons work with ACE. You only have the Vehicles one.
  11. ArmA 3?

    I think Danny fucked up the links.
  12. ArmA 3?

    oh nice i was just downloading and moving the files myself, i'll have to give that a try
  13. ArmA 3?

    Yeah for some reason the links aren't redirecting properly even though the URL is correct which is weird. you should be able to just copy paste them into your address bar though. Alternatively I made a collection of them all here so you can just hit "Subscribe All" and be done.
  14. ArmA 3?

    for some reason none of the links for the mods work for me
  15. ArmA 3?

    IP: Mods: CBA Task Force Radio Shacktac HUD CUP - ArmA 3: Alternatively Here's a collection of them all on steam: PW: gs123
  16. Overwatch

    Finally remembered to post mine IrishInsanit#1289
  17. Earlier
  18. Stellaris

  19. Stellaris

    Anyone want to play some multiplayer?
  20. Tree of Savior is no go.

    1. IrishInsanity


      I recently been working a lot and have not been on much. What's everyone playing? Is BDO still going?

    2. DervishStorm


      No it died we all got burnt out too quick

  21. Tree of Savior just went F2P, anyone interested?

    1. RadioActiveLobster


      Never heard of it.

    2. IrishInsanity


      So what's the verdict on this game?


    3. Proverbs
  22. Overwatch

    mine is Jabulba#1959
  23. VG Meeting!


    That's it really. Casual until we hear a siege date maybe.
  24. VG Meeting!


    The whole point is to document changes in guild policies and provide an easy place to keep up to date on what is going on.
  25. VG Meeting!


    @Proverbs post notes
  26. New WoW server we're playing on:


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