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  1. Today
  2. New site background


    1. drehmini


      HAHA my fishing chair blocked his name!

  3. Last week
  4. During this weekend I'll be unable to attend any guild events save for late sunday night. I have a wedding to attend Friday/Saturday

  5. Starting Oct 2nd i'll be out of town on business and will not be able to play wow(I have a desktop). I will periodically hope on the app to chat. Ill be out 2 weeks or so

  6. World first Xavius Heroic kill

    1. IrishInsanity


      Great pull, 10/10. Also nice UI.

  7. Could you really not find anything to call the RBG teams other than 2k and 2nd? LITERALLY almost as close as the names could possible be/look.

    1. Misslunaa


      Nope. Sorry. I mean I could do ALPHA TEAM 1

      ALPHA TEAM 2

      and I'll be EAGLE 1 

  8. Earlier
  9. I ended up knocking out early, so those of you who plan to do the raffle, you still got time.

  10. sorry i missed the rbg meeting. my internet was down and just came back up. ill get on after work around 530. sorry for that 

    1. Proverbs


      @Misslunaa You should probably message her about it but i tagged her for you.

  11. what do you wanna code in ? C ? let me know . thats my cup of tea! im a C++ /C# programmer. Gladly help out
  12. Still at work but i got the go ahead to make stickers here at work. they will be on black and be our logo that is on the site. Let me know if thats cool. For the Tshirts, im going to need to know how many we are going to need and i will set up a a way for everyone to donate toward them so im not going out of my own pocket 100%. Im more than happy to drop a good bit towards them but ill deff need some help from the Validus Community! Keep it real all.




  13. Put items in guild bank. The guild needs to be stocked and ready for raiding. The bank is taking anything that can be used for raiding, from green items that can be disenchanted to crafted gear or raid flasks. With the new raid releasing next tuesday, players intending to participate in heroic raiding are expected to their item levels up to 840. Additionally it is expected that you watch videos of the fights to know them before hand as well have a good understanding of how to play your class and specialization correctly. Proverbs highly encourages you to check multiple sources, for example: Icy Viens, Noxxic MMO champion, official WoW forums and so on. Lastly if there is something you don't understand or need help with. Just ask. Currently there is a guild wide gear push going on until the raids release. Mythic dungeons will be run throughout the rest of the week to help get guild members geared up for raiding. The normal raid team roster is now open for sign ups. Minimum expected item level for eligibility is 830. (See this thread for more details) Proverbs will be hosting a Chris Metzen memorial service in Everspring by the lake later in the week. If you plan to attend please remove armor and weapons and wear a formal transmogrification. Thrall will be there. Further details will be posted by Proverbs. Weekly gold raffle. Each participant puts in 2k gold. No more no less. Winner is drawn through random number generator. Talk to @Nrin for more details.
  14. About to be heading to work. I work at a print shop making everything that you can imagine from tshirt designs to pens. I think im going to have some stickers done and i was going to make a few ideas up and have you all vote on it and then have them made and i can send everyone via snail mail!. let me know if so ill get them made !

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    2. Pastie


      making the design sometime today and ill have em made up soon! ill let you all know when !

    3. Proverbs


      im down, star and fist is our usual

    4. Proverbs


      Im down for t shirt too

  15. Do we have a tailor in the guild that could make me 815 gear ? i can supply the mats and tip you well . i just need some alright gear to get me into the dungeon runs. let me know!

    1. Zerrakh


      I have all patterns now :D

    2. Proverbs


      Zerrakh apparently does IG

  16. i'll make one tonight.
  17. so the WPVP was such a success! give it up to the leaders for making that happen. plus the meeting at goldshire was so ... how so should i put this ... the epitome of a true nerd meeting ! lol havent had this much fun on wow since wotlk! keep the fun coming VG!





    1. Proverbs


      Haha, nice to see pictures popping up.

  18. jumping on wow for a bit. hopefully i can get my ilvl up! if anyone is down for some reg dung's msg me.

  19. GatesX10 I still have to get it and check it out but I do like making maps
  20. My GT is: Lengthybread409. LOVE THE GROUP!
  21. Halo 5 PC is finally out and i want to create a group to play with. Unfortunately the game only launches with with halos signature map editor and Custom Games. Post your xbox gamertag here so i can add you and invite you to my group.
  22. well i called off work today due to my leg hurting like no other and come up with this. hope you all liek it. whats sure what colori should of went with




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    2. IrishInsanity


      Here's the Planetside banner that we had originally S7eq0FQ.png

    3. Pastie


      dude nice ! i can send you the original ai file if you want or i can convert it out to tif or what ever you want bro! . looks so good !

    4. IrishInsanity


      I don't have any of the adobe programs just used to see what it would look like. If you don't mind I'll definitely take a copy of that file just in case it's needed or something.

  23. If you didn't know it already. Validus Gamers is in World of Warcraft: Legion! The guild is on the Bleeding Hollow server, the faction is the Alliance. The guild plans to do both PvE and PvP content. You can expect heroic raiding, rated battle grounds and, with a lot of world content, plenty of outdoor PvP. For raiding the intention is to eventually progress into mythic raiding if the guild does well enough. Talk to @Proverbs for additional information. For information about rated battlegrounds check our WoW sub forums for updates by @Misslunaa. Legion has a lot of content, from leveling your artifact to unlock unique class talents and perks, individual class specialization quests, profession quests, random world drop legendary items, world bosses, PvP only talents unlocked through kills with the ability to prestige for cosmetic rewards, mythic dungeons with mobs that have randomly generated attributes that change the way you have to run the dungeon every time, world quests, to world bosses that will be the cause of some big PvP fights. Simply put, this is not an expansion where you sit in town or at your garrison all day. It's really simple to get into World of Warcraft. If you buy World of Warcraft: Legion you get a free level 100 character boost that can be used on any character. If your indecisive you can trial classes that are level 100 and run the new tutorial that blizzard made to see what you like playing before you use your level 100 character boost. You do not need to own the previous expansions to play. Buying Legion gives you all the other expansions. World of Warcraft: Legion cost $49.99. You should also know that the Bleeding Hollow server is 69.9% Horde to 30% Alliance. We're outnumbered but that's never stopped us before. Reference:
  24. So the light tank in the BF 1 beta is rather good. This'll get nerfed.


    1. Crawdad


      The Dev's already tweeted that you should enjoy it while you could. It is getting a huge nerf.


    2. drehmini


      You know what else needs a nerf? Sniper rifles.

    3. Proverbs


      nice, lets ply sometime lobby ster

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