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  3. Anyone know how Eternal Crusade is doing?

    1. TheCrimsonFist


      Haven't played it since early alpha days (largely due to lack of time). However, from what I've seen, they're moving more towards a Heroes and Generals style metagame. Barring a few niggles with a couple of weapons, Combat is quite solid though.

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  5. Is there tanks in arma 3 wasteland? I want to get a tank.

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    2. IrishInsanity


      I just want to run stuff over

    3. Proverbs


      Get the Kajman, basically an air tank.

    4. IrishInsanity
  6. We have a site guys...

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    2. Sovereign
    3. IrishInsanity


      Not you, Proverbs.

    4. IrishInsanity


      I check on here everyday so if I see something I will get the word out. 



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    2. IrishInsanity


      take that VG!!!

    3. llmercll


      Hey it's me


    4. IrishInsanity


      Did you ever find what you were looking for?

  8. I promise I didn't abuse my admin powers.



  9. BWC is inviting us to do ArmA 3 Halo Insurgency. More details to come! just check the site! Along with  a WW2 campaign.

  10. Trial of Valor comes out soon!

  11. Salojin is still alive and well in Africa. Giving his all not to become a narcotics abuser with all the free meds he has access to. Today is also his birthday. He told me to relay a message so here it is,

    "Tell any of the other guys you see that they're still gay and I rock."

  12. I am now VERY happily Married to Cadara, Thank you to VG for giving us a place to meet.

  13. NSFW

    You guys missed out on the special session after the Raid

  14. So you all still being gay in WoW?

    1. Proverbs


      yah, but we gonna do a PS thing reunion sometime!

    2. IrishInsanity


      VG stands for Very Gay.

  15. So my gpu (gtx670) shit the bed last night and while trying figure out what went wrong with it, I some how corrupted the fuck out of my HDD as well. So until I get my new GPU(gtx1070) some time next week, I'm pretty much out for the time being. Luckily, my SSD is fine, though this is totally giving me an excuse to build a new rig ^_^

  16. Guild Status, Guild Future and Goals Hey all, it's your boy, Proverbs... JK. I'm going to talk about guild status, future and updates for every guild member. Overall, I'm very happy and proud of our progress into Emerald Nightmare on Heroic. We're basically on the verge of completing our goal we had set out for ourselves on the first tier update. We will set out next tier content with a very similar goal. But I'd like to thank everyone for pushing into Legion as hard as they did. Whether you RBG, Raid or simply joined to be apart of our big family, I'm proud to have you here. With that being said, I'm sure a lot of you have started to question what is the next step. Heroic Team, Normal Team Non-Existent and... Introducing the Mythic Team. Normal Team - If you haven't noticed, the roster for the Normal Team has been scrapped. Our ability to overcome normal raid content with our heroic team will allow almost anyone to jump into normal raids with us, so long as they at least pull proper mechanics, their weight in dps/hps/tank and jump on teamspeak. This will allow people to bring in friends if they wish and push bosses into current raid tier. So I've decided to remove the entire idea of a Normal Team. Instead, the entire guild is the normal team. Heroic Team - The overall performance with the Heroic Team has surpassed expectations. Although we have a lot of heavy kinks to work out here and there. We need everyone to get even better for mythic. Heroic team will remain the same with slight roster changes and additions. This team will push Normal/Heroic at the same speed, if not, faster than Emerald Nightmare. We are going to cut back on a day or two for Heroic Raiding once we are able to full clear heroic EN in 1-2 days. What is going to happen? We are going to push Mythic+ in the mean time and take a day for the mythic team explained below. Mythic Team - So there has been talk about pushing into mythic. People ask, "Are we even mythic material?". Yes, we are. We have potential. But not everyone in the guild is mythic quality, at least maybe not yet. I see that we definitely have talent. If we polish our talent and either cultivate members to become mythic level raiders or recruit some, we can push 7/7 mythic before the next raid tier. I'd like this to be our NEW goal. So by removing a day of heroic raiding, we are going to be introducing a Mythic Team that will raid 2-3 times a week. The same rules from before will apply. Requirements will be posted for people to join. You can click here for the roster. Those who are on it are "pre-approved" based on heroic team performance. Schedule will be decided once a full mythic roster is decided. New Goal: 7/7 mythic by Trial of Valor release. Rated Battlegrounds Miss Luna, our organizer - is doing an awesome job with putting together a RBG team for us. I'd like to specially thank her for putting up with me and the headaches. She's working her butt off for our goal of 2k. This goal that we had agreed on is going to take longer than our pve goal. The 2k equivalent on a RBG team, is the equivalent of mythic clears. Everyone, remember to give her thanks and let her know, "You're doing well, keep going and strive harder." Performance - The RBG team was definitely off to a shakey start. But as I watched their games over Balzofsteel shoulder(I live with the guy), I noticed the improvements, the roster complications we encountered set them back but that didn't make them give up. They are starting to rise and overcome the initial hurdle, and that's what they need. The rating is climbing for the RBG team which I am fairly impressed with. They started with some losses but have started climbing the ladder. They need more able body RBG'ers. If you have any decent PvP experience, LET LUNA KNOW. Luna's Message(EDIT HERE) - Luna will edit a message here if she wants to! Guild Interaction/WPvP/Other Games I think we badly need more guild interaction between everyone. I'll start by making more WPvP and other games for us to play. Something that will allow everyone from our solo players who never interact, to the "I can't make raid times but I want to raid" players, to the PvPers, to the raid team. I want to unite us for WPvP days. So I hope I can bring in a once a week event for the guild to kind of just gather. Giving us a reason to fight as a whole guild. To meet one another more. So I'll be organizing more WPvP days. Hopefully this will build a better community within our guild. P.S. Thank you, everyone. For joining my guild and allowing me to lead you to our goals, welcome to the family. Live Forever. -Proverbs "Sorry we're new."
  17. Check out my amazing video. It's just so amazingzing! =3


  18. We were doing LFR and trolling the fuck out of it, and this was the culmination of that effort (Ballz had already been kicked twice for trolling at this point). Quality is shit because I forgot a 0 on the recording bitrate (enjoy the 2004 feel), so I'm hoping @Proverbs has the entire trolling montage



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    2. Sovereign


      Note during the process we pulled Dragons early, Ursoc early and tried to make him kill the raid (but couldn't as LFR damage is a joke), both wiped and reset Cenarius (resulting in kicks for Ballz and Proverbs respectively), pulled Nythendra trash as people spawned (wiped raid 3 consecutive times as they killed people who were still respawning), tried to hit as many people as possible with Rot during Nythendra (to great success but no wipe), and cause Elerethe mayhem (Ballz got a second kick). This was in addition to Nrin and I constantly taunting the boss as healers. It was a good run.

    3. Sovereign


      Here's some more of the fuckery, again really really reallyshit quality but you can get an idea of what we're doing.

      Best Moment is the Nythendra trash at 1:30

    4. drehmini


      That spider video is amazing.

  19. New site background


    1. drehmini


      HAHA my fishing chair blocked his name!

  20. During this weekend I'll be unable to attend any guild events save for late sunday night. I have a wedding to attend Friday/Saturday

  21. Starting Oct 2nd i'll be out of town on business and will not be able to play wow(I have a desktop). I will periodically hope on the app to chat. Ill be out 2 weeks or so

  22. World first Xavius Heroic kill

    1. IrishInsanity


      Great pull, 10/10. Also nice UI.

  23. Could you really not find anything to call the RBG teams other than 2k and 2nd? LITERALLY almost as close as the names could possible be/look.

    1. Misslunaa


      Nope. Sorry. I mean I could do ALPHA TEAM 1

      ALPHA TEAM 2

      and I'll be EAGLE 1 

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