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  2. VG checks out Planetside 2


    I don't get off work till 8pm EST so if you guys are still running I'll be there.
  3. VG checks out Planetside 2

    4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST Clock is set to YOUR TIME ZONE. Have planetside 2 updated and teamspeak 3 ready. All are invited to try it.
  4. Today
  5. VG vs GetWrecked GvG


    will be 10-15 minutes
  6. Yesterday
  7. VG vs GetWrecked GvG


    I am going to late as well...
  8. Comment here if you'd like to do a Planetside 2 night this Saturday to test out the construction system.

  9. so i have pneumonia now, between that and work i can't make the 55 requirement. 

    1. IrishInsanity


      You might be happier in the sister guild. Talk to Proverbs about it. It's chill.

    2. Proverbs


      nah its cool. Charizard plays enough.

  10. Last week
  11. If you haven't tried out the new Planetside 2 patch, this is a decent video about it.

    Seems like it can add a lot to the meta. Might be worth trying again.

  12. looking to rip some noobs up


  13. VG vs GetWrecked GvG


    it's set to whatever time zone you are in, for me it's 10:00 pm eastern.
  14. VG vs GetWrecked GvG


    hey..this is dukedaboss(KangNam) is this eastern time?
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    2. Sovereign


      I can't wait to see in which way this is going to be super fucked up

    3. IrishInsanity


      I'm too sick of Planetside 2 to check the patch out. 

    4. Proverbs


      Supposedly its amazing... I'm downloading it rn to check it out.

  15. VG vs GetWrecked GvG


    I might be 10-15minutes late.
  16. Great news! Didn't lose my job, got transferred to a new client. Done with training schedule (it was a bitch) and back on normal schedule. Should have time to do some gaming at some point.

  17. Anyone want to do an instant 80 progression server? for WOTLK with my gf and i? We're looking for 3 other people maybe 8 to do ICC/5mans

  18. Today
  19. VG vs GetWrecked GvG

    GvG - Come, its required to RSVP, If you don't RSVP to events after this one, you will be removed from either casual or hardcore guild.
  20. Last week
  21. hey guys, im on a lazer tag team and today is the invitational. They picked me to be inteviewed right off the bat. This is a local thing that im trying to get some support on with for. If any of you can troll it, i'd really appreciate it! This is the stream. pro
  22. Earlier
  23. VG vs Luminosity


    Unless I get off work early I will be 30mins to a hour late.
  24. VG vs Luminosity

    VG fight, short notice, not required.
  25. Sister Guild is now up, if you are one of the people who was kicked from the main guild for not playing enough or you didn't want to make a commitment to that kind of playstyle, make sure to hop on at some point to get invited to the new guild.

  26. Inner Guild Arena Skrims.


    I just changed it to 7 est b/c that seems more reasonable.
  27. Inner Guild Arena Skrims.


  28. Inner Guild Arena Skrims.


    When the hell really is this or has it already happened?
  29. Just to let you guys know for the next 3 weeks I will probably not be logging in as often finals are coming. Just a heads up for you guys.

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