Two Big Announcements Wed Sep 30, 2015 8:20 pm
Arcsta wrote:Hey folks, two big announcements this week:
#1. We have a Battle Group Emerald operation this Friday starting halfway through VG ops; as such, our ops will be extended to include the entirety of BGE, from 7-10pm Eastern. Get ready to kick some ass!
#2 This will be Voodoo's last op with us for a while. At some point in the next few weeks he'll be shipping out to serve in the US Army as an MP. There will be a stream featuring his casting at after ops, so be sure to stop by and support him! If anyone wants to contribute to a special gift I'm working on, please contact me individually.

New Forum Moderator! RadioActiveLobster Thu Sep 24, 2015 4:39 pm
RadioActiveLoberster is now our newest forum moderator! For those that didn't know RadioActiveLobster has been with us for quite a few years and he also has experience as a forum Moderator as he is currently the Admin of the GameFront Gaming Forums. So if you want to see some hot and sexy admining be sure to check him out.

Not only is he the right man for the job but has also done some amazing work for Validus Gamers in the past like this, Image
a great contribution to Validus Gamers. Thank you RadioActiveLobster.

VG Dog Fighting League [Space Engineers] Thu Sep 24, 2015 4:34 pm
Dog Fighting League
The Dog Fighting League, an idea created by LastStandGamer, is something I'd like to do among ourselves. The rules for it are quite simple, and are mostly explained in the video below. As a contest, the rewards for this will only be bragging rights for having the best mutha-fuckin' fighter ship in the group.


Rule Changes

Unlike LSG's league, I will be imposing a rule that ships cannot be larger than 80,000kg, and cannot be smaller than 24,000kg. This is to allow for ease of use, and for anyone to partake in this. Armor blocks and weapon rules also still apply, and will be enforced by the host of our server (which has also yet to be determined). As Space Engineers is ran through Steam, all combatants must be connected to their opponents through the steam friends list.

Additionally, we will be doing some additional mission types and fire missions, but those will be shared after there has been some sign-up. You will be allowed to build a separate ship for these missions, but they must still follow guidelines (except for size, size is removed for those missions once they've been described). We will also be removing the team matches from the general tournament, as the main DLF is to determine the best dog fighter among us.

You may also make teams. Teams may conisit of a pilot, a co-pilot, and an engineer to construct said ships. However, you must submit your team name below in addition to the ship you're flying, as well as selecting a team color to represent yourselves. Your desgination would no longer be set according to the VG00X system, but it

How to take part

Step 1: Build a ship.
The ship itself may be based off of anything, or contain any gimick that you see fit, so long as it follows the rules. Ramming blades are not allowed but spikes, hooks, hammers and jagged bits are.

Step 2: Give it a name.
All ships must have a name to take part. Each will receive a designation when they enter according to position of enter (such as VG001).

Step 3: Sign up!
Post either a link of profile shots or a single screenshot of your ships along with its weight, arms, name, and ect. All facts must be double checked by the moderator (myself), and any excess weight will be hacked off (this includes thrusters, wings, armor, spikes, ect.)

When will this happen?
When we get enough people to sign up. I am looking for at least 10 fighters/teams for the first level of the tourney. Dates will be set afterwards.

Current Roster:
MrMarx134: The Roach Craft (VG-001)
Idoubts: VG-002 Light Interceptor (VG-002)
Railingo: R.I Intercessor Mk3 (VG-003)

Validus Gamers Weekly Events - Thurs 9/24 and Fri 9/25 Wed Sep 23, 2015 1:14 pm
'Sup, bitches!

Here's what's going down this week:

VG Tribes Night - Thursday, 9/24/2015
If you've never played Tribes: Ascend before, you definitely need to come give it a shot. It's like Unreal Tournament on crack. With fucking jetpacks. At 150 miles per hour! It's got a steep learning curve, but I'll coach you on the basics and help you get used to it. It's free-to-play, and runs great on older systems!

VG PlanetSide 2 Operations - Friday, 9/25/2015
You assholes know the drill! Step up and be counted! Stand with your outfit against the enemies of the Terran Republic! Execute the traitorous rebels, and purge the fanatic zealots from the face of Auraxis!

Let us know if you're coming to one or both events using this poll!

Alert Highlight, VS Max Suit Point Bust Sun Sep 13, 2015 9:07 pm